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Crystal wall lamps: the main types of lighting devices and the rules of their location (23 photos)


Sconce - a wall lamp on the bracket, if we consider its classic embodiment. However, today you can come up with more unusual designs.

This type of lighting fixtures creates directional or spot lighting, depending on the type of lampshade. Pendants with crystal or any other decor with ornate play of light air texture give sconces, lamps and chandeliers a special gloss and respectability.



A bit of history

It is believed that medieval torches, candelabra and candlesticks were the prototype of modern wall lamps in their classical form. They also created a local point of light, allowed to focus on a specific type of decor or to illuminate a limited part of the room.

Luxurious attributes were fixed directly on the walls of castles and palaces. Every day the lighting devices became more and more sophisticated and more complex.

The European aristocracy, starting from the 17th century, did not make it possible to live in lush chambers that were not decorated with glass, silver, copper, or bronze lighting devices. A special refinement of those times to this day is the sconce with crystal pendants and crystal chandeliers.



Classic style

The most spectacular lighting fixtures, decorated with crystal, will manifest itself in a classic interior style. It is also about the restrained classics, sustained in the austere spirit of minimalism, and about the ornate compositions of Rococo, Baroque. Expensive Victorian style, complicated by the type of combination of textures, ornaments, decor, allows the use of crystal wall lamps in the most unusual and multi-level installations.



Classic floor lamps, chandeliers, sconces, even small spotlights with rich air decoration embody aristocratic degree, traditionalism and even a certain monumentality. In terms of working with space, such elements are easy to use to decorate and enhance the functionality of a home office room, living room, hall or hallway.

Styling modern apartments from the perspective of antiquity, the fullness of space with antiques, objects that skillfully imitate old chambers is very relevant. Designers in this case
suggest to pay special attention to crystal sconces with a bronze decor.

To make the apartments look particularly colorful, you can use stucco, heavy expensive textiles and many finishing materials of natural origin. Wrought elements look good in the interior. The decor can be combined with lamps and chandeliers.

Modern is a variety of forms, smooth lines combined with a concise color gamut. In order for the composition in this style to look really stylish, expensive and organic, you need to have impeccable taste. However, a highlight even in the most concise and simple design will add lamps, sconces, chandeliers with spectacular crystal decorations.

The most popular option, simple and convenient to use is black and white sconces with small inserts of crystal. The use of minor color accents (red, blue, gold) is allowed.

However, in this case it is very easy to overreact and go beyond the classical format of "modern".



High tech

This stylistic direction is quite friendly with respect to lighting devices of any format. Considering all types of sconces, including crystal, it is important not to be mistaken with the shape and size of these elements.

High-tech is a dynamic, a challenge to everyday life, a bold game of ultramodern materials, textures, design techniques. If crystal wall lights are presented in an unusual, slightly surrealistic form and bold design, they are likely to fit into the futuristic hi-tech concept.

Aluminum, steel, high-quality plastic are chosen as the main material for sconces. Crystal in this composition should not look too catchy and pretentious. The elements are concise, restrained; usually designs are movable, and the lamps themselves with directional light.



Rustik, loft and other industrial style styles

Crystal bras with a switch can be a spectacular addition to the apartments of this "urban madman." His apartment is a combination of rough walls and stylish designer furniture. High ceilings, huge windows beckon the spaciousness, true freedom of a big city, flooding rooms with sunlight or glare of street lamps.

It would seem that in such apartments the role of lighting is scanty. However, it is on a rough brick wall or around a massive fireplace that delicate and tender sconces will look incredibly colorful and charismatic. Do not choose too elaborate accessories. It is better to decorate the space with a small number of miniature, but luxurious lamps in their compact size.



Separately, it is worth mentioning such a style as "rustic". It is rather not even a style, but a technique of working with attributes in the room, consisting in interesting aging of things. These are the frayed surfaces of headsets, cracked wood, worn and scratched metal decor items. Sconces in this style look very interesting, and crystal decor stands out against the general background.

In which styles it is better not to work?

It would seem that spectacular sconces are appropriate everywhere, especially with such a noble decor as crystal. However, not all stylistic compositions can be supplemented in this way. It is better not to use crystal lights in the interior of such styles:

  • Typical rustic style totally devoid of gloss;
  • Provence;
  • Country (the minimum number of such attributes is allowed);
  • Japanese style;
  • Ethnic installations, implying a certain primitivism (Indian, African, Moroccan motifs);
  • Eco-style;
  • Antique style;
  • Roman style;
  • Flora-style.

However, it is not worth refusing to use bra, no matter how categorical the style canons may be. In extreme cases, spectacular crystal can be replaced by another decor, more appropriate in each case.



Types of sconces by type of lighting

Wall lights can be used for local or general lighting.

Locally illuminate the space with sconces easiest. Typically, devices are used to illuminate the sofas or chairs, work areas, leisure, reading locations. Often paired miniature bras decorated with luxurious crystal pendants are hung on either side of the mirror.

In order to provide general coverage, it is permissible to install wall lamps in small rooms: nursery, mini-office, in the hallway, in the corridor. Models with a diffuser that directs light to the ceiling are preferred. Thus, it is possible to achieve soft uniform lighting. For the bathroom there are separate options - moisture-proof sealed modifications.




Types of fixtures by type of attachment

Wall lamps with crystal can be mounted in completely different ways. Depending on what type is chosen, a special situation will be formed. From the point of view of configuration and the principle of fastening, all sconces and lamps can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Sconce with tightly pressed canopy, which is attached to a miniature tripod or a small bar;
  2. Lamps with lampshade and bracket;
  3. Sconce with suspended ceiling;
  4. Lighting fixtures.

Depending on the size, decor, mounting height, each individual type of lamp performs its functions in a special way. Designed with a movable lamp head are considered more versatile.