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Wallpaper in the interior of 2019: five rules of wallpaper fashion (23 photos)


Wallpapers play a key role in creating the interior. And in order for it to be not just beautiful, but also fashionable, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the latest trend of the coming year.

Should wallpapers be fashionable or practical?

Each of us has repeatedly encountered the problem of choosing the original design of the walls. Owners of apartments for hours looking at catalogs in search of the right wallpaper, looking for photos on the Internet, go around building materials stores. Why is it so difficult to find a suitable option that will not only harmoniously fit into the interior of the house, but also meet all the requirements of an ever-changing fashion?



The main difficulty in the purchase of wallpaper is the fact that they set the background space. It is under the color and pattern of wallpaper that people select furniture and decor elements for a room.

A few years ago, the priority task of each apartment owner was to find high-quality and durable wall coverings. At the present time, when the market is overflowed with "higher standard" materials, the choice of the original design solution has become a priority.

Schedule a large-scale repair? Do you want the interior of the room to be extraordinary and unique? Let's take a look at the latest fashion trends in wallpaper for walls in 2019.


Before you delve into the study of modern fashion trends, you should pay attention to one important fact: the fashion for a particular surface occurs immediately after textile innovations appear on the market.

Thinking about buying wallpaper, check out the latest collections of fabrics. Having learned that in the world of textiles is relevant today, tomorrow you will easily find trendy material for wall decoration.



If you are to use floristry in the interior, carefully consider whether to decorate the whole room with such wallpaper. Having made a choice in favor of gluing such surfaces of all surfaces, give preference to materials of pastel shades. To focus on a specific area, you can choose more flashy, bright colors with large floral prints.



A little more about the updates in 2019

In addition to the above-mentioned antique patterns and colorful floristic ornaments, the following areas are popular this year:

  • Accurate and concise picture. In fashion today, only clarity, the absence of catchy and intrusive patterns. No abstraction and color overload!
  • Lightness and airiness. Fashionable shades of wallpaper this year are weightless pastel colors.
  • The trendy solution is contrast. Choose a wallpaper with a black and white pattern, bright red, purple or blue accents, and your interior will meet all current trends.
  • This year you should pay attention to the materials for the walls, creating a feeling of unity with nature. Looks beautiful imitation of bamboo, stone or precious woods. For zoning a room, you can use wallpaper with landscapes.
  • The combination of patterned wallpaper and furniture belonging to other stylistic trends is very important this year.
  • Still popular is the use of photo wallpaper, materials with a glossy surface and 3D effect.

As you already understood, wallpaper in the interior of 2019 can contain bright floral patterns, ornate old ornaments, devoid of abstraction and vagueness. An excellent solution would be a combination of materials of warm pastel shades and bright colors.



Combinations of incompatible

Doing repair, do not be afraid to experiment and implement the most daring ideas. Creating a general picture of the room, do not be afraid to use mint, turquoise, olive, gold and peach colors.

To get as close as possible to the interior of the room to the trendy directions of the coming year, try using several tones at once. But remember that they must be harmoniously combined with each other. Such a solution can be beneficial to play on the visual elimination of the disproportionality of the room.

In the design of the room, you can combine wallpaper with various geometric objects. The image of diamonds will look stylish next to clear straight lines and waves along the entire length of the wall. Oblong ornaments visually expand the room and move the ceiling.



Wallpaper for kitchen 2019

This year, the use of decorative panels and tiles fade into the background. In the trend now the wallpaper of light shades that help visually increase the space of the room. Usually, laconic furniture and headsets are bought for the interior design of the kitchen, accents can be arranged using large patterns on the wallpaper.

Wall mural is another fashionable trend in the design of kitchen walls. Such a solution will beautifully highlight the main wall and correct the lack of a narrow room.

Black and white wallpaper - such a design will never look dull and monotonous, and furniture to such walls is very easy to pick up.

If in the case of the kitchen, it is important to use modern interior design techniques, then in the halls this year reigns luxurious antiquity. The most relevant this year are the following styles:

  • Classic;
  • Retro;
  • Provence.

Actively use materials with floral prints, geometric shapes and patterns that have come to us from past centuries. But when developing a design, think about some deviation from the rules. Classic styles suggest restraint and conciseness, and this year it is very fashionable to set bright accents.



Always fashionable bedroom design

Wallpaper for the bedroom in 2019 should bring peace and tranquility. This year is especially important to use inconspicuous floral ornaments. The correct selection of patterns for walls is able to most beneficially and subtly convey the atmosphere of privacy and the desire to be alone with yourself. Floristic motifs are an ideal solution for decoration both of the whole room and its separate part. If the tone of the wallpaper will coincide with the curtains or bedspread, the effect will be simply amazing!



This year allowed the use of dark shades of materials for the walls. But creating an interior in dark muted colors suggests a good lighting system. The interior should be illuminated, sconces, lamps and spotlights.

Requirements for hallways do not change for many years. The room should be bright, spacious, and this means that the wallpaper for the walls must be made in bright colors. The presence of patterns of small size, which will not crush and visually reduce the room. This year, by the way, it is fashionable to use wallpapers that mimic natural surfaces. Here, as in other rooms, walls can be decorated with several types of materials.