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White doors in the interior: open new space (23 photos)


The white entrance door today is one of the popular and fashionable elements of modern and classic interiors. The reason for the popularity is simple: with its help, you can easily correctly place accents, making your wildest ideas a reality. The light shade helps to get rid of pretentiousness and makes the space more harmonious. If you use white gloss, you can visually enlarge the room. In addition, white gloss or matte finish perfectly combined with various style decisions.



The advantages of white doors

White wooden doors have many advantages, which can be listed for a long time.

  • This color solution is universal. It can be combined with many other colors. White glossy doors will fit perfectly in any room, from the bathroom to the bedroom. White interior doors do not have to be combined with shades of furniture, laminate or walls.
  • A variety of colors of this color simply knows no boundaries, so you can paint the doors in white yourself.
  • White doors in the interior of the apartment provide an excellent opportunity at an affordable price to make the space more refined and sophisticated. The fact is that white smooth doors will be much cheaper than designs with painted elements.
  • White solid wood doors are an environmentally safe piece of furniture that can serve its owner for an extended period of time.
  • White interior doors in the interior is a win-win option for small rooms, as they help to visually enlarge the space. White palette makes the space easy and more light.
  • White interior doors help to give the space a special charm and individuality.

There are practically no flaws in the white doors in the apartment or house. It is recommended to give preference to reliable manufacturers. As is well known, white is a mark, it is more prone to dirt, but it is easy to remove dirt from the surface with a soap solution. It is easiest to clean laminated interior doors.



Popular types of white entrance doors

Entrance and interior doors, the decor of which is different, are classified depending on the material used, the purpose, the characteristics of opening. Based on the material available, the following types of doors can be distinguished:

Doors made of solid oak, pine, birch, alder

Such models are high quality and durable. White ash doors today are a common solution, because they have an attractive shade. Such interior doors from the array look noble and expensive.

Doors from solid pine are strong, resistant to moisture. In addition, pine is easily processed, it turns out beautiful canvases with a unique structure.



Doors from MDF interroom

Doors from MDF interroom from an interline interval are a budget decision. This veneered design is characterized by the presence of a wide selection of design solutions. White veneered doors can often be found in city apartments, in hallways, living rooms. This design is characterized by high strength.

White paneled doors

This design consists of small boards or slats (panels). The rectangular bleached board is fixed with the help of a thorn-groove system or glue.



White doors with glass, mirror

This mirror glass construction today is one of the latest fashion trends. Models with a mirror and glass visually increase the space. The design can be used solid glass, mirror, mosaic, stained-glass window of multi-colored design or black glass.

PVC doors

This design is often used in rooms with high humidity levels. For example, such doors are often installed in the bathroom.



Most often the interiors use classic white doors. Such a door can be obtained if the tree is painted white. White painted doors look spectacular, especially in sunny rooms. Paint for doors must be of high quality.

White sliding doors are a great solution for small spaces. First, you free up space thanks to a convenient opening mechanism. Secondly, the white color makes the room visually larger and does not focus attention on itself.




Models painted white, salon type are characterized by the presence of a swinging design and can be opened in two directions. Such white doors are used in the style of Provence, modern or classic.



Design solutions with a white door

White doors today are used in the interiors of almost any style. For example, white lacquered doors in Art Nouveau style are suitable for monochrome interiors or non-standard black-and-white combinations. This door, installed on a dark background, becomes an independent element of the interior and influences the formation of an atmosphere of individuality.



White doors with a patina look great in classic interiors and boudoir baroque style. The main thing is that the whole composition of the door be kept in the same style and be in keeping with the spirit of the times.