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Grill grates: variations and benefits


The market offers a wide range of lattice fixtures, which are installed on the grill and barbecue, and are an integral part of them. Because of the large variety of models, you need to know how to choose a grill grate, because the quality of the prepared product depends on the correct purchase. It is necessary to pay attention to the parameters and forms, as well as to the material from which the accessories are made. An important selection criterion is the price, depending on the above parameters.

By design, the grill grate is:

  • Two-plane of meshes fastened with each other, fixed by a special ring.
  • Single-plane furnaces - built-in grill.

In the first model, the products are located between the grids. It is convenient to turn the products, which allows you to fry the dish on both sides. Such features are absent in the second models, so special devices are provided for them - forks and paddles.

Forged grill for the grill is mainly made to order, under certain parameters and shape of the oven or other device. A distinctive feature of such accessories is a large metal thickness (from 8 mm), which ensures a good heating of the product. Thanks to a special heat treatment, the devices become safe, they can be used to cook any dishes on an open fire and without harm to health.

The design provides for the presence of double handles, thanks to which the device is convenient to install on fire and remove.

The cast-iron grill is practical, as this metal has its own unique features. Its thermal performance exceeds even the quality of thick steel rods. The positive point is that the cast-iron grill for the grill does not require pre-heating - meat and food should be laid out simultaneously. As a result of the simultaneous heating of the grid and meat semi-finished product, the cooked dish has a special aroma and juiciness.

However, the cast-iron grill has a small drawback: because of the rapid heating, the stay on the fire is short-lived, and therefore large pieces of meat will have an appetizing crust and strips from the grid, but will remain slightly damp. To correct this situation can be an additional baking in the oven or in a pan under the lid. Such a dish will already receive the required amount of flavor from hot coals, and therefore will not lose its taste characteristics.

Stainless steel grill is in high demand. Its advantages are:

  • in the convenience of use;
  • small weight;
  • practicality;
  • low price compared to cast-iron and forged counterparts.

Despite its popularity, stainless products are slightly inferior in life to forged and cast iron accessories, because over time, their surface begins to oxidize and release hazardous substances, so it is advisable not to use them for a long time.

Aluminum products

Cast aluminum grill for the grill is made of food grade in accordance with GOST. The thickness of the device is 10 mm. Such a product is easy to clean from burnt food with a scraper or cleaning agent. The aluminum grill grate is ideal for cooking various dishes on an open fire.

Non-stick coated accessories are on sale, but they should be chosen carefully. The surface with which the products come into contact should be of high quality, since under constant exposure to open fire, devices with a non-stick coating lose their environmental performance and harmful substances can get into the food.

Popular volume grill with non-stick coating, where you can quickly cook healthy and favorite dishes.

The universal grill grill is in great demand - it can be:

  • small size grill;
  • oven-barbecue (portable or stationary design);
  • grill.



Methods for cleaning the grill surface

Different materials of devices require a certain care, but how to clean the grill, if it is non-stick. Metal brushes cannot be used for cleaning such a product, since the Teflon layer is disturbed, and this becomes unsafe for health.



How to wash the stainless steel grate? This product is characterized by simple care - detergent easily washes scorched foods.

It remains to learn how to clean the grill of iron and steel (forged). The material is resistant to mechanical stress, so you can use a scraper and a coarse brush.