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Metal table: advantages, disadvantages, scope and design features (28 photos)


Furniture is not the most durable thing in the world. Wood shatters, plastic peels off and loses its presentation, glass cracks. To avoid this, you can purchase a metal table - in certain situations such a decision is not only fully justified, but also preferable.




Advantages and disadvantages

Everything has its advantages, and metal tables are no exception:

  • Persistence The metal is insensitive to almost nothing - it does not bother neither a sharp change in temperature, nor aggressive chemical compounds, nor mechanical damage. Therefore, the metal variant is the best table for the street or the kitchen, since no weather conditions, no spilled juice will harm it.
  • Durability. The metal is reliable and can serve faithfully for many years - it will not crack, it will not crack, and with proper care it is not even afraid of rust.
  • Strength. It is almost impossible to damage the forged table, bend the metal frame, scratch the metal coating, which is very helpful during transportation, and it is also useful in everyday life.
  • Aesthetics. Metal is a beautiful material, especially if you make it right. A wrought-iron table can be a real interior decoration in a classic style, and a kitchen table with a stainless steel worktop fits perfectly into the high-tech style. Even the garden tables made of metal are excellent. The main thing - to make sure that they fit into the environment.
  • Variability. Metal tables can be found for every taste and wallet. Any design, any design - there are folding tables, desks, sliding tables and many, many others. The choice is huge.




But nothing is perfect, and metal constructions are no exception:

  • Heaviness The concrete slab can withstand the heaviest table for the kitchen, but wooden floors in a wooden house can also sink. In addition, the weight complicates transportation - will have to try to bring the table into the room.
  • Sharp legs. Metal is difficult to process so that it does not scratch the surface. Table legs can leave unpleasant scratches on the new linoleum or spoil the old favorite parquet, if not in advance to equip them with special rubber linings.
  • The need for care. Despite resistance, the metal has a weakness - it does not tolerate high humidity. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that paint does not peel off and rust does not appear - street tables for giving need it more than others, especially if the holiday village is in a wet region.

Depending on the situation, the disadvantages may outweigh the advantages, and vice versa.



Application area

Due to the huge variety of types of metal tables fit almost all areas of human life. Can be found:

  • Dining metal table. Very stable design that can serve more than one generation for one family. The main thing is design, it should be so attractive that no one has any unpleasant associations.
  • Desktop made of metal. The design is not just sustainable, but almost invulnerable. Suitable for any job that requires a solid base that cannot be damaged if the tool slips.
  • Desk made of metal. It makes sense only if the design of the room requires it. In other cases, not too appropriate.
  • Metal table for gazebos. Excellent option, as well as any garden table from metal. The environment is not able to damage it, resistance allows to serve for many years - snow, rain, the scorching sun will not cause him any harm.
  • Kitchen table made of metal. Also a good option, because the kitchen is constantly something cut, fried, boiled, spilled or flies past the bowl. The metal tabletop is as easy to clean as possible and no knife, no spilled soup will harm it.
  • Metal computer table. Suitable for a themed interior, but for a rare living room. Fits except in the high-tech style - and there is little sense in such an acquisition. The computer does not reduce the life of the wooden table.
  • Decorative table made of metal. Usually forged or decorated with intricate patterns, curlicues, flowers. It can be a real decoration of the interior - and at the same time useful. It can be folded magazines, put a vase of flowers or put snacks for guests.
  • Metal table on wheels. An excellent solution for people who prefer the classic lifestyle, where dishes are served in the dining room on the serving table. Metal wheels on wheels are the most appropriate - they are light enough (usually a part of the structure is made hollow) and at the same time reliable, so that they can be used safely.
  • Sliding metal table. It can be used in any small rooms, most of the time being in the folded state somewhere in the corner. When a large tabletop is required, it can be easily pushed to the required size.
  • Corner table made of metal. It is also an excellent solution for small rooms, as it takes up very little space and can look aesthetically pleasing and modest at the same time.

Because, where the table is selected, to the kitchen, to the living room or to the corner of the room, it depends on which design it is better for him to prefer.





Design options are vast.






Table with metal inserts

The concrete embodiment depends on the master who will take it. Elements can be decorative, can perform a certain role, which depends mainly on the wishes of the client.



In addition to simple tables - metal tables with drawers, round tables, country tables - there are also transforming tables that can be adjusted, moved apart and disassembled. There are:

  • Coffee tables. In the folded state, this is a simple coffee table, on which you can put a vase or a funny trinket. The trick is that it is sliding - if necessary, the tabletop rises, the wings of the large tabletop extend from under it, and the result is a large dining table for several people.
  • Sliding. It has a sliding table top, which is enough to pull the edges so that it doubled. The result can be round or square, but in any case, it will be possible to place twice as many people behind it.
  • Wall. An adjustable table that hangs along the wall when folded, but it costs to lift it - and it turns out a tabletop at which you can dine, play with a child or write a report. It can not be round, only semicircular.
  • Butterfly. An adjustable table that can look like a narrow bollard, like a small table with half a table top and a full-fledged dining table. Even a child will cope with it, in order to expand it, it is enough to lift the side table-tops, which in a collapsed state simply hang down on the sides. Support them with special props and use.
  • Demountable. A simple option that looks like a tabletop, to which are attached two legs. When folded, the whole structure looks flat. In the unfolded - you can use it as a real dining table.

Any transformer - no matter whether it is collapsible or not - is suitable for small rooms and for various tasks. When folded, you can put something on it, read it or have a quiet lunch alone, but it is necessary that it becomes necessary - and it will be transformed into a full table that can be used by several people.




Metal tables in general - collapsible, solid, round, square - an excellent reliable solution that will last for many years. Especially good for giving. Not bad for kitchens. With the right choice to use it will be a pleasure.