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A table in the hallway - the first impression of the house (25 photos)


Coming to someone to visit, we find ourselves in a small room, which someone called or hall, or hallway, or corridor. And on how attractively and functionally it depends our nascent opinion about the owners of the dwelling.

Particularly impressive in the hallway are small, beautiful console tables, which today can be purchased on the market of very different shapes and corresponding to different styles. Among the large variety of commercially available such furniture is easy to find a table in the hallway, the most suitable for your case.



Having installed an elegant console table in the hallway, you will receive not just a fashionable decoration, but a universal unit of furniture products, which can be used as a small table for a telephone, and as a stand for a decorative vase, framed photo, table clock, and as a place to store magazines, clothes brush, etc.

The console with four legs

This is a narrow rectangular table, which, having a small size, can fit even in the hallway. Sometimes it is placed in a niche in its presence in the hallway. There are samples of such furniture, equipped with wheels, which allows you to move them from place to place, if there is a desire to update the interior. Many of these models have one or more drawers in which you can store a folding umbrella, a comb, and other small items.




Wall table

Usually it is a hinged shelf in the form of a beautiful table top with a shortened decorative leg. It is often used together with a mirror located on the wall directly above this table, thanks to which the latter is transformed into a dressing table on which combs, cologne, perfumery water, etc. are placed. Thanks to their miniature style, such models are well suited to the role of decoration, stands for phone or a beautiful statuette.



Classic style

Consoles corresponding to this style should have a strict form without frills. In their design, there are many straight lines, and the legs are carved, thin and traditionally made of wood with preservation of the look of the natural texture of the raw materials. For classical interiors, the presence of dark colors without sharp transitions is characteristic, therefore, consoles suitable for this style should be made in the corresponding dark color palette. In some cases, these products are finished with decorative metal elements coated with gold.




Art Deco

In this style, the elements present are more sophisticated and sophisticated. Console tables can be decorated with gold inserts or have metal parts and inlays. There are decorations with ornaments, often in the form of zigzags, Christmas trees, trapezes, and they all look very straightforward.

The console in the hallway, made in the style of art deco, it is better to choose in strict colors. Perfectly fit in this case and just a black console.








Modern style

If earlier such a piece of furniture as a console table was extremely laconic in design and often consisted only of a tabletop with legs, then a modern console table already in most cases has drawers, and often tables, and open shelves. For the manufacture of the console, corresponding to the modern style, can be used almost any building materials, including:

  • tree;
  • glass;
  • metal;
  • plastic;
  • natural and artificial stone, etc.

The console table in the hallway is a decent piece of furniture that can make your room, where you meet guests, cozy and comfortable. It will provide you with the order in the storage of various small things and can even turn into a dressing table with a mirror. Today, you can even buy a table for the hallway via the Internet, choosing the most appropriate in style, design and cost from the many options of furniture products offered.