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Wooden gates: beautiful, reliable and affordable (23 photos)


Installing a reliable gate on the plot is as important as building a good house, because the gate protects your household and performs a decorative function, because the first thing people see when approaching your house is the gate. If you want to find the perfect combination of price and quality, choose a wooden gate. They look beautiful and with proper care, they will last a very long time.



What material to choose?

Wooden gates can be made from:

  • pines;
  • alder;
  • ate;
  • larches;
  • birch;
  • maple;
  • oak tree

Each of these types of wood has its own advantages and features. If possible, the gate is recommended to be made from coniferous trees. In their composition there is a resin that prevents wood from rotting and makes it durable. Natural resin is a good preventive measure against mold, mildew and insect pests.

Wooden gates and wickets are often made of pine. This wood is very durable, but the main thing is that there are almost no branches on it. Pine is easy to process and make a billet of its size. The only thing if you want to make a semi-antique wooden gate, you have to give up the pine. This tree is harder to paint than others. Paint on the surface falls unevenly, and the design of the wooden gate turns out not the way it was originally conceived.

Spruce has a uniform beautiful color, so the gate, made from it, just enough to open varnish. Wooden gates with forging are often made of pine, because decorative metal elements look perfect against the background of this tree. You can also make a gate from pine: it will be durable and light at the same time. For a home, doors made of pine will be an ideal solution, but whether it’s worth making country gates into them is worth considering, because this wood has high porosity: during heavy rains it quickly swells and begins to rot.



It will look good gates of larch. This wood is very strong and strong. It has a less porous structure, so it does not rot so quickly. Beautiful wooden larch gates are usually varnished. This wood is beautiful enough to paint it with oil paint.

Hardwood is less popular with manufacturers. Alder, maple, birch is easy to handle, they almost do not crack, but have low moisture resistance. After a rainy autumn and a snowy winter, the gates can deform and begin to rot. You can install a wooden gate in the cottage of oak. In this wood there are special substances that prevent rotting and the formation of mold. It is durable and very beautiful. Oak has two drawbacks: it is expensive and difficult to process.

It is necessary to determine not only the type of wood, but also the type of gate that will be in the country. The most common types of gates today are:

  • sliding;
  • swing;
  • sectional.

The first two are a budget option. Sectional doors are more expensive, and for their installation need experience and special tools.



The most simple and affordable - swing gates. They are suitable for the suburban area, and for a country house. The width of such a gate is about four meters, and the height is determined based on the height of the entire fence.

All components of the gate must be ordered in production. As a rule, they are a frame of thick metal, to which wooden boards are attached. The installation of the gate begins with the insertion of steel pillars, which should be about half a meter above the main sash. When the posts are dug in, hinges are hung on the hinges.




If you want to save money, you can find information on how to make a wooden gate self-respecting. If you will do a wooden gate with your own hands, do not forget that there must be a polyurethane visor above them. Such a visor will protect the ends of the valves from moisture, which means that the gate will last longer, but place it in view of the fact that a truck with a high body can enter the yard, so this visor at the wooden swing gates should be at least 3.5 meters.

At the hinged gate sash can be the same size, and maybe the sash and wicket. It will be very convenient to put the car in the yard, and go in and out using the gate. Wooden gates on a metal frame are suitable for installation at the entrance, because they are strong and reliable. Wooden gates to the garage may not have this frame, an ordinary gate made of a picket fence, which is sent to thick guide rails, will fit here.




Sliding gate to save space

To open the swing gates, you need extra space. If not, you can install wooden sliding gates. Without special tools and experience it is unlikely to be able to make such a wooden gate with their own hands. They are a metal frame into which a picket fence is inserted. This frame rides on metal rails installed along the fence. These gates can be opened with one hand movement, but they cannot be installed at all sites: the width should be equal to the width of the door leaf on the right or left of the fence.

If you do not know how to make a gate of this type, it is better not to undertake their manufacture at all. Only people with extensive experience will be able to build brick pillars for such gates and install this entire complex mechanism. Wooden garage doors also can not be of this type, because there will simply be no place to enter the canvas.



Sectional gates

These options are more expensive, and installation can be done only by professionals. Garage doors made of wood can be not only swing, but sectional. They consist of thin panels that are connected by hinges. One movement of the gate rises and gathers up above, they also close easily.

Wooden sectional gates are often installed in underground garages. They are very convenient: they are easily set in motion, hermetically close the room, in assembled form they do not take up much space.

However, these gates have drawbacks. They are much more expensive than swing and sliding. This gate is difficult to install, and if operated improperly, the hinge mechanism can quickly fail. These gates should be attached only to a concrete wall - in a room with plasterboard walls or in a garage made of thin metal they cannot be installed.




We decorate the gate

The easiest option to decorate the gate - to cover them with lacquer noble shade or paint your favorite color. You can make the gate in the style of Provence: paint them and make with sandpaper and copper sulfate, but if the gate is painted and not restored, with time they will age to the desired state themselves.

If there is a financial opportunity, you can spend money and install a wooden gate with elements of forging. Even if you attach small decorative elements, the gate will look different. You can make forged hinges, handles, bolts - with them at the gate and the gate will have a completely different look, and you can order forged gates with wood. They are expensive, but with them your household will be like a real medieval castle.

Gates with wooden inserts are sometimes carved. This is a small handicraft that a rare master can perform. If you want yourself a carved gate, they should not be from aspen or alder, but from mahogany. Otherwise, the work will cost more than the gate with a wicket.

A wooden gate is a good option for those who are looking for the perfect combination of price and quality. They look very presentable and are cheaper than metal ones. If you want wooden gates to serve you for many years, take care of them. To do this, they must, at least once every six years, treat with insect impregnations, renew a layer of paint and varnish and lubricate all iron mechanisms.