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Gates made of corrugated board: is it possible to make it yourself (21 photos)


Sheeting as a material for the construction of the gate is now quite popular. It has an affordable price, good quality, attractive appearance, and it is very easy to make a beautiful gate out of it. We will understand in more detail how to build a gate from a professional sheet with your own hands and what are the advantages of this material.

What is profiled?

Another name for this material is metal tile. It is a corrugated metal sheet. Steel is usually used in production, and aluminum, zinc and their alloys, as well as polyester are used as a coating. At first, the sheets are flat, but on the molding machine they are given the final shape, making them much stronger and harder. There are different options for profiles - wavy, trapezoidal. It is important to remember that the quality of the fence will directly depend on the height of the relief: the higher the profile, the stronger the material.



The covering of sheets carries out both protective function, and will help to create design of a gate. Decking is covered in several layers - galvanized, corrosion protection, primer and, finally, a decorative layer. Manufacturers show imagination - for example, produce iron sheets with different patterns or just dull.

  • maximum durability and almost not subject to corrosion (will last at least 50 years);
  • installation of the door of corrugated is not difficult, even for a beginner;
  • durable, resistant to moisture and fire;
  • gate for giving from a professional flooring do not demand special leaving;
  • the price of the material is more than affordable;
  • large selection of colors and design.

The disadvantages include quite strong noise at the gate when there is a slanting downpour, and the fact that the material is very hot in the sun.

How to make a gate from a professional sheet with your own hands?

Since there are so many types of gates and gates, as well as accessories to them, we will consider everything in order.

Forged gates with professional sheet as decoration of the site

The most beautiful, sophisticated and durable option is the fence made of profiled sheet with forging elements. The construction will require the following materials: professional sheets, wire, shaped pipes made of metal, paint on metal, welding apparatus, forging elements, Bulgarian, hinges. The easiest way is to build a structure using prefabricated parts.



First you need to find a spacious flat area, like parking for cars. Next, put on him a drawing of the gate of a professional sheet, made in full size. After both doors are drawn, it’s time to embody them in a metallic form. Weld the pipes in a single unit, grind the seams with a grinder to a neat look. Then from a thick continuous wire to form the shape of future forged elements. Straighten it and measure it. Hot or cold forging to perform the necessary bends and joints. It is easier, of course, to buy pre-made forged products.

Now it remains only to fill the doors themselves, constituting the gates of corrugated flooring with forging elements. Referring to the drawing, the elements are welded to each other and to the frame. Get rid of excess metal and carefully level the seams. Loops will be properly attached only after the sash is fully mounted, so that possible defects in the door pillars or walkways will be hidden. Forged gates with corrugated ready.



Retractable doors from the profiled sheet

Very good option for home, but not very common yet. However, it is rapidly gaining popularity due to its clear advantages. Of course, the most important of them is compactness. A person does not have to move away, opening the gate, as it happens with a swing. In winter, there is no need to clear a huge amount of snow from snow so that the doors can open. In addition, from this type, you can optionally make an automatic gate. Retractable doors made of corrugated board are of two types:

  • cantilever, when the sash moves with the help of special rollers on a beam located above the ground. In this embodiment, you can open the gate at once to the maximum width with one movement;
  • with the upper suspension, which are less convenient to use due to the fact that you can open only one section at a time, but this method will be much cheaper.

Installing sliding-type doors of corrugated board usually does not cause difficulties even for a person who does not have experience in construction. Nevertheless, it is a little more difficult to install swinging fences and corrugated doors. You need to start with a sustainable foundation, where the canvas itself will rely. The foundation includes two elements: the pillars of the support and the foundation itself, which is located under the gate.

Pillars for corrugated doors are placed in pits 0.3 meters deep more than the ground freezes in winter. The pillars are installed in a strictly vertical position, after which they are concreted. If the pillar is made of brick, then metal fittings should also hold it underground. The main thing is that the sliding doors made of corrugated board should be fixed as securely as possible.



It is somewhat more difficult to establish a foundation for sliding gates. The first step is to dig a trench half the length of this gate, starting from the pillar from which the sash will open. Its width should be 0.5 meters, and its depth - 0.4 meters. After that, from both sides of the trench, you need to dig two such pits as for the pillars. Now you can begin to manufacture the reinforcement cage in the shape of the letter P.

At the same time in the upper part it is necessary to weld the standard channel profile so that its flat part is at ground level. The frame should be a classic, equipped with two pairs of vertical rods and horizontal ribs every 0.4 meters. Having finished with the mortgage element, you need to place it in the prepared one and fill it with concrete (it is most convenient to do this if the channel width does not exceed 0.2 meters). The main thing here is to follow its strictly horizontal position, otherwise the gate will get skewed. It remains to wait until the concrete is completely hardened, about two weeks.



The installation of the door itself of corrugated board begins with welding roller carts to the channel. On them the guide will move. If, as a result, the sash opens too hard, you can adjust the system, for example, by changing the weight of the counterweight. This ends the basic instructions on how to make a sliding door of corrugated flooring. Nuances also depend on each specific case.




How to make a gate with a wicket door?

Having built a gate through which a car will pass, it's time to take care of people, that is, to make a gate.

A good example is a quality gate made of profiled sheets. Its installation begins with the installation of supports from metal pipes.

There are several options to do this: just hammer into the ground, partially hammer, and partially concrete, or concrete completely. Of course, the latter option is most preferable so that the metal does not rust from dampness in the soil.

The minimum width of the gate is 0.9 meters, but it is better to make it slightly larger - 1.2 meters. You can take as a basis the standard profiled sheet C8, whose width is 1.26 m, then you will not have to cut anything.




The next step is to stretch the rope along the fence line and drill two holes on this line, between which there will be the required distance. The depth depends on the ground, as long as it is below the level of winter freezing.

Install the main pillar of the gate to which the gate will pretend. And when digging in the second support, it is very important to keep the distance to the millimeter, for this purpose you can even temporarily attach a segment of reinforcement. The gate can be hung only after the concrete has completely hardened, otherwise its weight will weaken the structure.




As for the installation of the wicket profile itself, the cheapest option is to make the basis of wooden bars. If the appearance of the interior is important, then you can choose a more beautiful pipe profile. He also shows himself safer and more durable in operation. To fasten the sheeting itself to the frame, you must first firmly fix it, and then fasten the sheet with screws, making the distance between them in 0.25-0.3 meters. And finally it remains to equip the gate lock or bolt if necessary.

These are the main points that you need to know about how to make a gate of corrugated flooring with your own hands. The above tips will help even an inexperienced owner to easily build a corrugated door with forging, doors and corrugated doors, and also answer the question of how to make the fence sliding. Some difficulties can be caused only by the drawing - but you can cope with it if you wish, taking into account the main parameters - the width of the opening, the width of each leaf, the hinge installation points, the frame configuration, the number and method of fixing the pillars. The average time of construction of the gate in the presence of the finished drawing - no more than 10 days. Products from a professional flooring will surely decorate appearance and will protect any site from penetration of undesirable people or animals.