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How are the tilt-up gates (20 photos)


A rectangular metal sheet, matched to the size of the garage door, can move along the guides and open (horizontal position) or close (vertical) the entrance to the garage. The main structural elements of the swing gates: the door leaf itself and the frame, made of shaped pipes, beams, etc. Auxiliary elements: rollers, levers, rails, compensating springs. In the closed position, they are stretched, in the open - weakened.

You can make a swing gate with your own hands. Calculate correctly the amount of materials needed for this. The cost calculator takes into account two main parameters: the height of the opening and its width.



Types of gates

There are several types of door designs that can be installed in the garage:

  • sectional doors;
  • overhead door;
  • swing gates;
  • sliding gates.

Garage doors can be made by hand. In the presence of material, tools and the ability to do the design calculation of the nodes it is quite affordable.

Sectional vertical gates are made of metal, wood or plastic. This is a popular type of gate from sections, it is not difficult to manufacture. Sections of the gate are removed when opening in a special compartment above the entrance.



Advantages of the design

The lifting-swiveling design has several significant advantages compared to traditional garage doors:

  • The main part of the gate (sash) can be made from a single sheet metal and lined with any suitable material. An additional protection against penetration is the integrity and seamlessness of the metal.
  • After completing exactly the installation instructions, you get a reliable design that is not afraid of corrosion, durable, compact, easy to use, does not require additional maintenance.
  • Raising the gate can be done manually or automatically.
  • Security. The design of the gate reliably fixes the leaf and protects it from falling.

There are upside-down gates and disadvantages:

  • Aperture form. It should be rectangular. Otherwise, to make a quality installation will not work.
  • Gaps can remain between the frame and the shield. If the garage is heated, you will heat the air.
  • The one-piece leaf of the gate is not only a dignity, but also an inconvenience. Will have to repair the entire canvas, if necessary, and not individual sections.

When the gate is open, they slightly reduce the height of the opening.

Tilt-and-turn gates are a leaf that rises upwards using a special roller mechanism and is located on the top parallel to the floor. Typically, these gates get ready, installation can be done independently.

Tilting gates can be set by hand. This will require:

  • door leaf;
  • Corner 40x40 and 35x35 with a thickness of 4 mm;
  • steel pins;
  • electric drive;
  • channel bar and steel bar;
  • spring with a diameter of 30 mm;
  • wooden blocks or shaped tube for the box and for the ceiling.

The flap can be made from planks upholstered in tin. Insulate with foam, the face of the gate is finished with plastic or wood panels. Before you make a decor, evaluate the conditions. If the garage is located in a remote, unguarded area, it is better to make the floor anti-vandal.




For the device gate will be required:

  • welding machine;
  • electric drill and Bulgarian;
  • drill set, hammer;
  • wrenches, screwdriver, building level.

Before you start work, determine in detail the design of the gate, as well as make measurements of the required size and apply them to the drawing.

On the drawing, specify the dimensions: height and width, the location of all the necessary elements and parts.

After the preliminary stage, you can proceed directly to the manufacture of the gate.

Mount the box from the prepared bars or shaped tube. For its fastening iron plates or squares are used. Install the box in the opening and fix, for example, using pins.

Assemble the sash. First is the frame. If it is metal, you will need welding. If profiled sheeting is taken as the main material, it is fastened to the frame with the help of screws.

If the sash is made of wood, sheathe it with the chosen material, then give the front part the desired decor using plastic panels, etc.



Assemble the turning mechanism. In it, the bracket will support the spring. It is possible to connect the spring and the bracket with the help of an adjusting spring.

The hinge is made of a corner with a hole with a diameter of 9 mm. The corner is fixed by welding.

To make the guide-rails take two corners. Their shelves are welded so that the distance between the tops is 50 mm.

Installation of guide profiles. The door leaf is inserted into the guide profiles. Connect with levers and springs that drive the canvas. When installing, pay attention to the strict parallelism of the guides. The distortion will not allow the sash to rise normally, it will seize. Fixing the sash in a certain position is a special spring. Its tension is regulated by a nut.

In the lift gate, the upper flap extends upwards and takes a horizontal position. The mechanism that drives the gate consists of hinges and levers.

Swing garage doors are opened with the help of a silent system of levers. No rollers or guides are required to open them. This type of gate is easy to make with your own hands. The design includes three main elements: a box, a rising flap and a mechanism driving it.

The entire system is mounted on the box installed in the doorway. For the movement of the gate are responsible guides and springs (they serve as a counterweight).

For the door trim is better to take galvanized steel. Its service life is several times longer than uncoated steel.

Preparatory work in the opening begins with the installation of the frame in the opening. It can be made of bars or shaped tube. Making sure that all four parts of the frame are correctly positioned, without tilting, they attach it with anchors to the walls. All the gaps between the frame and the walls need to be replaced.

It is possible to equip the gate lifting system with an electric drive with a remote control. Automatic gates will cost more.



What you need to consider when installing the gate do it yourself

When you install a folding gate, do some important details.

  • Guides mounted on the ceiling must be strictly horizontal. Then the door leaf will open without sticking.
  • Compensation springs can be tensioned with different force. For this purpose, a special adjustment device is used.
  • On the frame you need to put safety limiters. In the event of an unexpected breakdown, the sash will not suddenly fall on the vehicle.
  • Additional strength of the frame will be given by its penetration into the concrete tie by 2-3 cm. The total weight of the sash should not be more than 100 kg. This is the optimum weight, ensuring long and reliable operation of the gate.



Lifting gate price

The price of the construction depends on the material of which the gate leaf is made, the size, the type of the lifting mechanism, as well as the type of automation, if it is used for opening the gate.

Do not pursue cheapness. The miser pays twice, this saying here will be just right. An inexpensive mechanism can be short-lived and will quickly fail.

Calculating the size of the gate yourself, take them with a margin of width, 0.5 m on each side. With a car width of two meters, the width of the gate must be at least three. The gate height is calculated with a margin. The average of this parameter is 2-2.5 meters.

Go carefully to the question of installing a lifting garage door with your own hands so that they work long and reliably, not inferior in their functional characteristics to factory-made structures.