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Automatic gates in the house: the advantages and types (24 photos)


Automatic gates are modern moving mechanisms that protect industrial or private property from the forbidden entry of people and animals. They help to easily enter their territory, the site. In bad weather, the owner of this gate does not even need to get out of the car. In addition, they are able to save heat indoors (garage, warehouses), because when closing they do not have time to let it out or they are insulated themselves.



The material for the construction of automatic gates can be metal (aluminum, copper) or wood. When the structure is designed to divide the territory, and the protective function plays a second role, even plastic can be used.

Automatic gates for the fence and other premises should solve the following tasks:

  • maintain heat in the building by low heat transfer sectional cloth or closing speed (opening);
  • save the necessary space;
  • guarantee the separation of premises, for example, in gyms or industrial plants.

In the building stores you can buy any products of different configurations and purposes, for industrial purposes or household.

It is possible to divide the gate according to its purpose or by the principle of action. Based on what they are intended for, the following types of automatic gates can be distinguished: garage, entrance, industrial.

All these devices are closed in different ways, as a result there is a grouping according to the principle of movement during closing, opening: rolling, swinging, lifting. Automatic garage doors on the line of movement are divided into lifting and turning, sectional, rolling.



Sliding gates

Automatic sliding doors or sliding gates are used in private territories or industrial enterprises. This kind of opening when moving away, drives off to the side. It is great for use in the winter, no snowfall is an obstacle when opening the device.

Among the advantages of retractable species include:

  • save space in front of the gate and inside the house;
  • comfortable to use and have an interesting look;
  • durable (they are not afraid of any weather conditions).

The opening of the valves is made using electronic gears. In order to properly connect the electrical wire, made a special scheme.

To install the sliding system, calculate the spare place and prepare the foundation. The gate is preferably placed separately from the gate. The design is installed on the screw piles, so it can protect against burglary. Such automatic gate for giving, private houses and country cottages approach.




Lifting gates

This type of fence is divided into 3 subspecies: rollet (roll), swivel, sectional. Their similarity lies in the fact that each rises up during opening. They differ in the principle of the mechanism and the location of the canvas at the moment when the gate is open.


Rolled garage doors go up. They do not need additional space during installation due to the flexibility of the canvas, because it rolls up when opened. Consist of lamellas filled with polyurethane foam. The canvas is attached to the shaft, which is located at the top and is equipped with an electric motor. At the time of inclusion of the canvas begins to curl on him. From above there is a protective box where the cloth is reeled up entirely. For lightweight applications, slats are made of profiled aluminum. Since such gates are filled with polyurethane foam, they are not installed in insulated garages. Systems are suitable for country houses, garages, warehouses, shopping centers.




High speed

High-speed rollers are used in shopping centers or public spaces. They are made of high strength materials (steel, aluminum). When the frame design with a metal material, the door leaf is made of plastic, reliable film. They must be directly dense rubber circuit. Rolletny gate possess the silent mechanism of winding.

Such devices due to high speed are characterized by minimal heat loss.

Automatic high-speed doors have the following advantages:

  • simple installation;
  • inserted into any opening;
  • able to maintain the desired temperature;
  • high bandwidth;
  • good energy saving even with large operation.

The system is controlled with the help of the console or mechanically. Such rolling shutters open and close very quickly and are designed for heavy traffic or people. With a properly connected and installed device, the device will perfectly perform its functions.





They consist of a rigid shield and have a single inflexible structure for a whole opening opening. The upper distributing pass on the ceiling, the canvas slowly turns. In the open position, the gate is placed parallel to the ceiling in the center of the room. To facilitate opening, other guides are positioned towards the center of the structure, therefore, during opening, the lower part of the gate protrudes outside the opening about a third of the web height. When installing such a device automatic gates, be sure to take this into account. In the closed position, the rigid frame presses tightly against the guide frame and perfectly retains heat in the middle of the room.





Automatic gates for the garage are quite popular.

The advantages of automatic gates:

  • they can be created under the opening of various sizes;
  • occupy little space;
  • considered multifunctional.

The garage will not have to be warmed, because the sandwich panels are made of warm polyurethane foam. Such entry gates are almost impossible to crack. At the time of opening the electric motor moves the sections to the ceiling. Often they are given a remote control system. To open or close will not need to leave the car, you just need to press the remote. When installing automation, be aware of possible power outages. It is better to purchase a battery to connect to the system. Automatic sectional doors are used in the garage, car washes, workshops.