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Gates from a profile pipe: the advantages and making their own hands (22 photos)


When building a fence raises the question of the purchase and installation of the gate. There are many options for such products based on various materials and structural solutions. Gates from a profile pipe can significantly reduce the complexity and material costs of manufacturing. In addition, they are perfectly combined with both wooden and metal fence. Gates from this material are distinguished by a high strength and durability. In addition, you can order a finished product or execute it yourself using simple tools and inexpensive materials.



Advantages and disadvantages of the profile pipe for the gate

Gate from profile pipes enjoy huge popularity thanks to excellent operational characteristics of this material. The main advantages of the profile pipe include:

  • Durability. The material easily withstands even a significant load without loss of external and operational qualities. Such gates are able to serve for several decades without requiring special care.
  • Affordable cost. Using a pipe for the manufacture of gates is one of the most affordable options.
  • Strength. When buying or manufacturing a product from a high-strength proftruby, the structure is stiff.
  • Low weight. Due to the low weight of the materials, the construction of the gate does not require the use of a serious foundation. In addition, the transportation and installation of the gate will also not cause problems.
  • High esthetics. The gates made from the profile tube look modern and beautiful.
  • Convenience manufacturing. It is convenient to screw screws into a rectangular tube. Anyone who knows how to use welding equipment and a grinder can cope with the independent production of the gate.

Despite the obvious advantages of manufacturing the gate from a shaped pipe, this material has certain disadvantages. These include:

  • Susceptibility to corrosion. Under the influence of high humidity and precipitation, the profile pipe is subject to corrosion.
  • The risk of distortions. If the doors are made with threaded joints, during intensive use, distortions may appear inside the structure.
  • The complexity of staining. The described or round pipe is quite difficult to paint or enamel.

However, if you buy or independently make the gate of corrugated board, using high-quality materials and observe all the nuances, such structures will last for a long time without losing external qualities and performance characteristics.

When selecting blanks for the manufacture of the gate, first of all, it is necessary to determine the type of steel. It can be galvanized, carbon and stainless. The latter option is rarely used due to its high cost. For economy class doors, carbon steel is most commonly purchased. If you require higher strength and durability, you can take galvanized.

Profile pipes are also seamless or welded. The latter can be cold or hot rolled. Seamless for such designs are practically not used, and hot-rolled ones have low accuracy.

Thus, the best option would be a rectangular carbon-cold-rolled carbon steel pipe.



Design calculation

Despite the simplicity of the design, you need to know how to weld the gate. The first stage is the preparatory activities, which include the design calculation. At the design stage should take into account such moments:

  1. Design features. It can be sliding or swing gates with manual or automatic control.
  2. Sheathing frame. For it can be used profiles, wood, polycarbonate, mesh or metal.
  3. Required measurements. The thoroughness of the measurements will allow to carry out entry into the territory of the garden plot without any problems. In this case, the area for opening the gate should be taken into account in the case of the choice of swing structures.
  4. Creating a drawing. The development of the drawing is carried out taking into account measurements and design features, taking into account the wicket, fixation points, connection of the automatic control system, as well as the need to use stiffeners and reinforcement elements.



Step by step instructions for making the gate of the profile pipe

Many owners of private plots are interested in how to make a gate from a shaped pipe that will fully meet their requirements.

If you make the gate of the profile pipes with your own hands, you can not only save money, but also make products that will meet the required indicators of strength, reliability, safety and aesthetics.

In the manufacture it is extremely important to follow the previously developed documentation, as well as strictly follow the sequence of operations. Work can be carried out using welding equipment or using threaded fastening systems. Each of the options has its own advantages and features.




Welded construction

The skeleton of the door of the profile pipe is most often performed by welding. The main stages of work:

  • cutting blanks according to the dimensions of the drawing;
  • trimming cut sections;
  • sorting blanks by type and size;
  • fixing support pillars;
  • layout blanks on a flat surface;
  • on the corner joints it is necessary to attach a kerchief so that the extreme frames coincide;
  • welding metal;
  • fastening the swivel hinges to the uprights;
  • processing of seams to ensure the design safety and attractive appearance;
  • hanging the door leaf on the hinges;
  • processing the door with a primer to protect it from corrosion;
  • applying finishing enamel;
  • professional sheet fastening with screws;
  • installation of locks, latches and locking elements.

Welded gates from a profile pipe do it yourself with a high index of strength and durability, therefore, if you have skills in working with welding equipment, it is recommended to use this method of gate production.



However, not everyone knows how to use the welding machine. In this case, excellent gates are also made on the basis of threaded fasteners. For the manufacture of such gates will require bolts, nuts, washers and fasteners. In this case, it is recommended to use spring washers, the advantage of which is to prevent spontaneous unscrewing. Among the necessary tools should be the wrenches of the desired diameter and drill.




The work stages do not practically differ from the process of manufacturing a structure with welding, therefore it is worth noting only the differences between certain works:

  1. the use of connecting elements for fixing the pipe;
  2. to connect the corner kerchiefs and the frame should be pre-drilled holes;
  3. in the joints of the profile elements should use special pads for threaded fastening;
  4. For fixing the hinges, use nuts and bolts that are installed in prefabricated holes.

With intensive use of the doors of the pipework, which were made without welding, the threaded fastener may loosen, so the degree of tightening must be periodically monitored.

Gate from a profile pipe differ in ease, simplicity of production and installation, esthetic appearance, durability and durability. However, in order to meet the requirements of reliability and safety, for the manufacture of such gates, you need to use high-quality materials.