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Lifting gates: the main types and benefits (25 photos)


The automotive industry is developing actively, which leads to the development of the industry, which is directly related to it. In this case, we will focus on the garage door, which is used to protect the property. Garage lifting gate - one of the most convenient and comfortable to use species. Such gates can be solid, rolling or sectional, so it is extremely important to know how to choose the gates that are ideal for the user's needs and features of the garage.



Advantages and disadvantages

Garage overhead doors have a lot of advantages, the main of which is reliable vehicle protection. They are made of durable and wear-resistant materials, therefore they withstand good physical strength.

In addition, these structures guarantee excellent performance insulation of the room. This is due to the fact that they do not have gaps and gaps, which does not allow the warm air to leave the room, so if you install a lifting garage door, you do not have to worry about maintaining optimal temperature indicators at any time of the year. In winter, in such a garage it will be warm enough to start the car the first time, and in the summer, due to the heat, the rubber parts of the vehicle will not dry out.



Another advantage of such garage doors is space saving. If there should be free space in front of the swinging gates in order to open them, then in front of the lifting gates there is no need to clean the snow or leave plenty of space for them to open. The garage can be placed close to the entrance to the plot, which saves space in the case of a small area around the house. The freed up space can be used at your discretion.

It is also possible to equip a lifting gate with a door. This will abandon the additional door to the garage. The presence of the gate will make the use of the garage even more convenient and comfortable.



Such a device is difficult to break. The use of an automatic system makes use of the design convenient and reliable. For safety, the gates are supplied with a reverse stroke - if, when the gate is lowered, they stumble upon an obstacle, they return to their original position. This minimizes the risk of personal injury and damage to the vehicle.

However, the lifting gate to the garage has some disadvantages:

  • The main one is the wear of the structure, therefore it is recommended to avoid intensive use. You should not spend more than ten ascents per day.
  • The mechanism is subject to the negative effects of high humidity and temperature changes.
  • Big weight of a design which demands use of a qualitative and reliable frame.
  • If there is significant damage to the web, you will need to remove it completely for repair or replacement.

Despite the minor flaws, the use of a lifting gate is an incredibly convenient and ergonomic solution.



Types of lifting gate mechanisms

There are various types of lifting gates. Each species is preferably used in different cases. Types of lifting gates:

  • Lifting and turning gate. They have a neat appearance, do not occupy much space inside and outside. Can be installed in openings of any size. They are also distinguished by ease of installation, reliability, ease of use.
  • Sectional lifting gates. Do not require free space for opening. The canvas consists of several sections, and does not reduce the space inside the garage. For the production of sectional doors with or without a wicket, multilayered panels are used, which increase the thermal insulation properties of the garage. Installation of high-quality lock and automation will protect the car from theft.
  • Lifting guillotine gates. In the process of opening such gates go up to the entrance to the garage, so they are also called vertical. Their installation is not always possible in the case of a small garage height.

Separately, it is necessary to allocate mechanical and automatic lifting gates. Most modern designs are equipped with an automatic default system. However, the control system can be set independently.




Manufacturing lifting gates

Installing a lifting gate is expensive, so many garage owners prefer to make them themselves. Most often in this case, choose the lifting-turning structures. They consist of a shield, box and mechanisms that power the shield.

To make a lift gate for the garage with your own hands, you will need three bars with a cross section of 120 x 80 mm, one of which is 2.75 m long, and the second 2.3 m, as well as metal plates or squares for fastening bars. The box should be secured with metal pins.

The first stage, which will allow to make a lifting gate, is the fabrication of the canvas. For its production will require:

  1. The door leaf must have a corner frame. Stiffeners are used for extra strength. They allow you to protect the gate from mechanical damage and deformation due to high humidity and temperature changes.
  2. The frame is sheathed with boards, after which - with sheet metal.
  3. In the manufacture of the frame should be a careful calculation of its size. They should be 2.5 to 2.1 meters. If there is no suitable frame, then for its production the need to use the angle 35 by 35 by 4 mm.





Additional functions of the lift gate

Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of models and designs of lifting gates. The customer can choose a rolling shutter, pivoting, sectional, vertical, electric or mechanical.




When choosing, additional functions and features should be considered:

  1. Hard frame. It allows you to protect the gate from hacking and guarantees them increased security.
  2. The choice of panels. The equipment can be made on the basis of standard or framed panels.
  3. Additional protection. The design can be protected from pinching fingers, failures of the lifting mechanism and breaks of springs or cables.
  4. Gate. The presence or absence of the gate is an important detail when choosing a gate.
  5. Type of management. Gate control can be electric or mechanical.

Automatic equipment for lifting gates - the most convenient and comfortable way to control the opening of the gate. Such constructions are equipped with electric drive and are controlled by remote control. This allows you to open and close the gate without leaving the car. Installation of such gates is an excellent solution for those who are looking for reliable, durable, durable and convenient to use structures.

Lifting gates are notable for comfort, safety and compactness. They can be used even with insufficient space near the entrance to the garage, and a wide range of designs will allow you to choose the best option in each case.