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Variants of the hallway for a narrow corridor (21 photos)


For most apartment owners, the corridor space is usually filled with bulky furniture attributes. And this is the main mistake, because, installing furniture of standard sizes in a narrow room, they do not leave free space. In addition, the environment is oppressive and sometimes depressing. How to design the interior of the corridor correctly, and what furniture should be used? This question remains relevant for many people who own an apartment with a narrow and long corridor.



Features of furniture attributes for a narrow corridor

The main thing is to find the right solution for the design of a long narrow corridor that will not only fit all the necessary items of a furniture set on a small area, but also help to visually expand the space. Make it quite problematic, but quite realistic.




Hallway color selection

Proper use of color solutions opens up great opportunities for adjusting the space, which allows you to make the interior not only attractive, but also as comfortable as possible.

It is best to combine different tones that do not reduce, but expand the room. The borders of the corridor are visually increased due to the light and cool shades, so furniture attributes should be chosen in such a key. In this case, the walls can be identical or one or several tones darker.

If you want to make the corridor bright, you must combine the main palette with bright accents that will be combined. For example:

  • the red color of the walls is in perfect harmony with the furniture pink, white and cream;
  • blue with blue;
  • green with light green;
  • brown or orange with beige and milk.

Choosing a bright hallway for a narrow corridor, you can create an interesting interior, which will delight the eye right from the very beginning, and delight with its unusual design decision.

It is not necessary only to choose the right furniture according to color, it should be correctly located in a narrow room.



Construction and Design Solutions

Choosing a hallway in a narrow corridor, it is necessary to determine the optimal parameters of the models. To do this, it is necessary to make measurements of the area where the furniture will be installed. This should be a variant of minimalism, which is designed for a small area of ​​the room, but the attributes do not lose their functionality.

Ideal for a small room is a modular design, which simultaneously solves several problems:

  • A sufficient number of objects is placed in the boxes, there is a place for outerwear, shoes and other small things, so there will be no problems how to hide them from prying eyes.
  • Attributes of modular type occupy significantly less space than standard cabinets.
  • The room acquires a neat appearance, as there is no clutter.

The advantage of the modular option is the ability to place items at their own discretion. They can be close by, creating a whole, or separately, filling in free areas in the corridor.




Corner hallways

Designers for decoration of narrow corridors often use designs of the angular type. This model fills the corner of the room, and the rest of the space remains free. The dimensions of the attributes depend on the angular space, the larger it is, the larger the hallway will be. Also, much depends on the design itself, because one part can fill the corner, and the other, adjacent, can be positioned along the wall. Such models allow maximum use of the floor space and provide storage of a large number of objects, clothes and shoes for which certain drawers, compartments and shelves can be moved.

Corner type hallways look stylish and modern. Such furniture attributes are made to order for specific dimensions of the room. The furniture attribute harmoniously integrated into the environment has an attractive appearance. The set consisting of a corner cabinet and a usual wooden or metal hanger with hooks looks impressive. Another variant of the original solution is a combination with a shelf.

Sliding wardrobe for a narrow hallway

For a narrow and long room suitable wardrobe, which is just perfect in this case. Its design features create maximum comfort for use - sliding-type doors open easily and provide free access to drawers, shelves and hangers. There is a lot of options for such furniture, so you can always choose the most suitable model in terms of parameters and design. From the length and height of the cabinet depends on the number of compartments with shelves and drawers. Basically, such a furniture attribute occupies most of the wall or the whole. The height of the cabinet is determined by the height of the room itself - the door leaves are located between the floor to the ceiling.




A compartment for a narrow corridor not only saves space, but also has a good spaciousness. The wardrobe is divided into several compartments for each type of clothing, shoes, various items and accessories (hats, scarves, gloves, bags, umbrellas). Despite the small depth of the attribute - this is one of the most practical and convenient structures that fits perfectly into the surrounding space and is ideal for narrow corridors. As a rule, such a model occupies a single wall or niche.

The sliding wardrobe with mirror doors allows you to visually increase the space of the room.




Proper arrangement of objects in a narrow corridor

For a small corridor, you need to carefully consider the location of the hallway, and maximally free the area from unnecessary objects. Only a preliminary design of a furniture attribute for a specific room will allow it to be positioned correctly and create a beautiful interior. Only narrow hallways can fit into a small corridor. The optimal depth of cabinets located along the wall is up to 30 cm.

Only models of mini furniture attributes are owners of compact sizes and can be installed in very narrow corridors. Order the manufacture of hallways for the corridor in the Khrushchev preferably from experts. Since these apartments have one feature - small size. The master will make measurements, take into account all the nuances and select the design of the hall for a particular room.

Individual order has its advantages - additionally shelves, compartments, boxes will be manufactured. Together with the cabinet can stand a bedside table or chest of drawers. The choice of furniture items depends on the personal desires of the customer and the characteristics of the corridor.




The advantages and disadvantages of narrow hallways

Furniture attributes for narrow corridors have a number of advantages:

  • Properly chosen furniture set eliminates cluttering things and creates all the conditions for maintaining perfect order.
  • A variety of design and color solutions allows you to design a narrow corridor in the style of fashionable minimalism, which not only emphasizes the taste of the owner, but shows how stylish and modern it is.
  • Good capacity, despite its compact size.
  • Mirrored sash on the entire height of the cabinet removes the need to purchase a mirror in the corridor. Before leaving the house, you can look at yourself in full growth and assess the appearance.

Ordering hallways in the corridor of small size, you can save on material, since the small depth of the cabinet reduces costs.

At first glance, it may seem that there are a lot of shortcomings in narrow corridors, but they are all solvable, and with the right approach, this negative point becomes positive. Not every room can be decorated with narrow furniture attributes, as they harmoniously fit only in long and not wide corridors. Choose a suitable model of the cabinet on the Internet, where a huge variety of wardrobes, corner cabinets, shelves for shoes, hangers, bedside tables.