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Thresholds for laminate - the final touch of the floor design (24 photos)


We can not agree that laminate flooring is becoming increasingly popular and sought-after flooring. When laying it is important to properly organize each stage of the process.
The installation of thresholds completes the repair / installation of the floor covering. The main functions of this product include: protective and decorative.

Manufacturers produce connecting elements with a width of 10 to 60 mm and a length of 1 to 4 m.



Thresholds for laminate are made of different materials:

  • wood - different environmental friendliness, successful combination with laminate "under the wood". The disadvantages include the high cost, the need for constant care (polishing, varnishing). For the manufacture of wood used oak, ash, American walnut. Attach elements with special slats. It is advisable to combine with expensive types of laminate;
  • plastic is characterized by flexibility, democratic price. Feature - the ability to make curved surfaces. Cons: medium quality, short service life, quickly erased;
  • metal - it is allocated with an optimum ratio quality / price. The advantages include: durability, aesthetic appearance, simple installation, resistance to moisture, minimal maintenance. Products are made from aluminum, brass, steel. Aluminum sills are the most popular. Due to the different design (gold, silver, "under the tree"), it is easy to choose a model for flooring or door fittings;
  • cork - (compensatory rail) has high flexibility, just fits and easily takes the desired shape. Most often draws transitions laminate / stone floor. The disadvantages of the product can be considered a high price, sensitivity to high humidity.



How to install the threshold on the laminate?

When installing the connecting elements, several installation methods are used: hidden, open (mechanical), mixed.

Outdoor installation method

You will need tools: perforator, screwdriver, tape measure.

  1. Measurement of the length of the nut - the distance between the baseboards.
  2. A marking is applied on the surface of the laminate with a pencil - places for drilling holes for fasteners.
  3. Punch drilled holes. Dust carefully removed. Dowels are driven into the holes.
  4. Threshold for laminate and tiles screwed with screws.

Perhaps this mount does not look very aesthetic, but it is very reliable.



Option hidden installation threshold

You will need tools: perforator, pencil, hammer.

  1. The distance between the plinths is measured, the excess part of the nut is cut off.
  2. Holes are drilled in the floor (they must be strictly aligned).
  3. Plastic dowels are inserted into the holes.
  4. In the groove located on the seamy side of the plank, screws are inserted and distributed along the entire length. At this stage it is important to ensure that the screws are located exactly opposite the dowels.
  5. The bar is placed above the joint, and the screws are inserted into the dowels. If on the seamy side there is a self-adhesive layer, then the protective film is removed.
  6. Confident movements need to push the bar. Do not immediately apply efforts in one place. The threshold for laminate is pressed down evenly along the entire connection line.
  7. For the final fixation of the strap using a hammer. A wooden bar is applied to the product and through the bar hit with a hammer on the nut.

Such anchorage is often used in arched openings, so that the place of the joint is not so noticeable and the visual effect of a “single space” is obtained.




Flexible threshold installation

For registration of the curved joint of the laminate with a carpet, tiles used flexible threshold for laminate 4 cm wide, having a T-shaped view. The similar product is on sale in three-meter bays. Flexible powders for laminate have different colors (about 15 shades), which facilitates the selection of models for joining floor coverings.

  1. On the clean floor (concrete base) is marked the line of junction of surfaces. It is advisable to comply with the bending radius recommended by manufacturers.
  2. Fixing profile with a drill and screws is fixed along the marking line.
  3. Fitted flooring.
  4. The coil with the profile is placed in a container with hot water (40 -55 ˚С) for about 15-20 minutes.
  5. Flexible profile snaps into fasteners. It is necessary to cut the nut only cooled.

The flexible nut between the tile and the laminate helps create smooth curved lines when zoning the space.




Shade selection

Flooring in different rooms should look harmonious, so the thresholds are chosen so that they match the materials of the floor, the nuances of the interior.

  • The classic option - the thresholds are set the same color as the floor plinth. Advantages: the interior gets a finished look, it creates the appearance of a uniform color scheme of the room.
  • Set the threshold, which hue supports the color of the doorway. In this case, the contour of the door is clearly indicated. Advantage - using this technique you can visually divide adjacent rooms.
  • The most common option is a threshold whose hue maintains the tone of the floor covering. The main plus, which determines the popularity of the reception - the interior transition is imperceptible and creates the illusion of a single space.

It is advisable to install the same model throughout the room.




Installation Guidelines

The connecting element should close the seam and be clearly under the door. That is, when the door is closed, the plank should not be visible from different rooms.

At the junction of the coatings it is necessary to leave a gap between them - about 10 mm. Such a requirement should not be considered a flaw in performance. This technique is used to eliminate the stress of materials during changes in the microclimate. Laminate is very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.




If you can not attach the nut screws can not, then it can be glued. In this case, it is recommended to use silicone, which is perfectly glued to smooth surfaces (tile, laminate).

To prevent damage to the finish of the opening when installing the product between the doors, the bar is cut 1 mm shorter than the distance between the door slopes.

The original design is often based on the use of different textures, on a combination of interesting floor materials. The combination of floor tile and laminate looks harmonious. The correct choice of the threshold will complement and emphasize the style of the interior.