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We explore the third dimension: a loft bed in the interior of a one-room apartment


Since ancient times, humanity seeks upward, and it so happened that even looking disdainfully is “looking from the top down”. Meanwhile, the person who lies is always below the person who is standing.

Fix this injustice designed beds lofts. This idea, surprising in its simplicity, first found realization in the interiors of children's rooms, then moved into the rooms of teenagers, and now adults also arrange their sleeping places. The first to realize the effectiveness of this type of furniture was, of course, the owners of one-room apartments, leading an unequal struggle for every square meter.

An attic bed is not just a sleeping place, but an entire multifunctional complex: a workplace, a wardrobe, extra shelves and, of course, the bed itself. A tempting solution to the problems of one-bedroom apartments, is not it?

First of all, it is worth mentioning the psychological advantages of this type of beds:

  • under the upper tier a zone is formed, suitable for spiritual relaxation and gatherings;
  • when the bed doesn’t get in sight, the room becomes a living room.

Do not forget about the obvious practical benefits of these beds:

  • occupies only one wall in the room and is extremely functional;
  • directly involved in the zoning of the premises;
  • saves space, which is so important for owners of one-bedroom apartments.

The bed under the ceiling, which is also sometimes called the "attic", is a type of bunk furniture, the upper tier of which is a bed with sides. Despite the fact that this option seems to be the ideal solution for one-bedroom apartments, there are pitfalls that must be considered when choosing a model. When buying a loft bed, you need to pay attention to things that directly affect your comfort and safety:

  • above should not be stuffy and crowded;
  • you should feel comfortable sitting;
  • carefully choose the stairs. It can be similar to sports or consist of static steps. Do not forget that the iron staircase will always be cold and slide slightly;
  • Do not forget about the lighting of the space above the bed.

In some attic beds the staircase is combined with a chest of drawers - there is a drawer in each step.

Also pay attention to the type and quality of the material of which the loft bed is made. Reliability and safety - this is what should be taken care of first!