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Design curtains for kitchen interiors (33 photos): how to arrange curtains


Having decided to freshen up the kitchen space, many housewives face a huge problem, so what to choose blinds or curtains? Undoubtedly, blinds are very practical in terms of care, but most of us choose the same curtains or curtains in the old fashioned way. Still, do not say, they create coziness and comfort in a house or apartment. And you want to return to the house where you are waiting for a hot dinner and a warm, pleasant homely atmosphere. Blinds for many are associated with work, only creating a tense atmosphere in the apartment.

Modern design of curtains for the kitchen is the union of maximum functionalism and minimalism of details. The optimal solution for any kitchen opening is unpretentious curtains, Roman or bamboo curtains, the mechanism of action for which is similar to the principle of the blinds. Curtains in the classical style, unfortunately, in this room would be absolutely inappropriate. Curtains with portieres look good in spacious, with normal ventilation halls. If your kitchen is combined with the living room then another thing.







Blinds to the kitchen

Rolshtora every day more and more compete with fabric curtains. And not without reason, they have a huge number of advantages. Compact and practical to use, durable, most importantly easy to clean roller blinds. Also known as fabric roleta suitable for almost any style in the interior. The design is so easy to use that even a child can easily use it. The mounting system they have is similar to the Roman curtains: ceiling, wall, window space. And the important difference is that the blinds can be hung on a window opening of any width. Roller blinds can be used as a solid canvas, and as a series of individual curtains. This is also a significant advantage over the Roman blinds.

Fabric blinds allow each flap to be made an autonomous unit independent of the other. Rolstora ideal for those who like to experiment with the level of illumination in the room. At full twisting of a mechanism rolshtor form an accurate roll. When choosing roller blinds, in addition to dust-repellent properties, be sure to ask the seller about fire resistance, especially if the window is near the gas stove. Lovers of complete darkness, you should pay attention to the dense canvas, which do not let the sun's rays, for example, on the fabric faded out.




Bamboo curtains for the kitchen doorway

For those who wish to fill the kitchen space with ethnic motifs, bamboo reed curtains are ideal. The smell of herbs and natural wood will be an additional sedative, after a hard day's work. Believe me, the notes of exotic and such aromatherapy will melt even the coldest hearts of ultraconservative people who love modern hi-tech. Bamboo curtains are lightweight, almost weightless. And most importantly their quality is moisture resistance. Each housewife will think: "Such seemingly fragile, what will happen to them under the influence of steam and moisture?" Don't worry about that. The canvas of which the curtain consists is treated with a special lacquer that can protect not only from the unpleasant external environment, but also from physical damage. Bamboo and jute straw do not emit toxins during operation, so these curtains can be hung even in the nursery. And numerous variations of shades and methods of weaving will satisfy the demands of the most fastidious owners.



Classic curtains. Curtains with lambrequins

The classic style provides a combination of light curtains of tulle or organza with sliding curtains. Lambrequins in turn will come even more refinement and expressiveness of the window. These curtains look very impressive, but suitable only for owners of large kitchen rooms. For a small space, they are not only very bulky, still inconvenient and even unsafe.




How to choose the right color curtains for the kitchen?

At the moment, the existing variety of colors and shades is simply amazing. If you do not have a clear idea about what color your future curtain should be, you can easily get confused and even get confused.

Recommendations for choosing a color palette:

  • If the kitchen window faces the sunny side, diffused sunlight enters the room, if you wish, you can look at the darker shades of the curtains. If not, especially if the kitchen is small enough, it is better to choose curtains in bright colors. Light green, lavender, translucent and simply white fabrics will work well.
  • In bright kitchens with motley wallpaper and colored furniture, in order to balance the balance, it is better to hang monochrome curtains. Thrill-seekers can afford red curtains, but for many this is an obvious overkill.
  • And if you do not want to invent anything, then you can choose curtains to match the color of the facade of furniture and wallpaper.
    Neutral curtains fit well into any style of kitchen.
  • And to get the visual effect you need to combine the curtains from the canvases of different colors and textures.

In pursuit of beauty and aesthetics, do not forget about the purpose of the kitchen space. Curtains must first of all be practical, because the kitchen is not the cleanest room in the apartment. In this room it can be stuffy, hot, humid and dusty. Dirt and dust will definitely settle on your pompous curtains. Therefore, curtains with texture drapery, it is better to leave for the living room. Otherwise, you risk to surprise people not only with your extremism, but also with stupidity.