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The interior of a country house in country style - simplicity in everything (19 photos)


Country style attracts in the days of progress with its simplicity, naturalness and unobtrusiveness. This charming design conveys rustic charm, the traditions of peoples in the arrangement of their homes. A private house in the style of country music has unlimited comfort, reports the provincial lifestyle.

Country design requires the use of materials in their original form. The decoration and decor should look simple, minimalist. Nowadays, no family can do without modern household appliances, but if you create an interior in a rustic style, you will have to hide them behind decorations, make them recessed, hide in closets and use them if necessary. Projects on the design of houses in the style of the country clearly show how to do it better.

Furniture in country style should look primitive, rude. Elegant things in the interior are not allowed often. For example, if the house is designed in French country style. Trendy things will be out of place in the interior. The design of the space should be reminiscent of the dacha or country estate.

The main part of the living room is the fireplace. This zone is traditionally distinguished by laying of tiles or stone. Put a pots of wood near the fireplace. You can complete the area with a candelabra with candles, paintings.

Bedroom in country style has its own characteristics:

  • laconic design;
  • comfort;
  • pleasant, peaceful colors;
  • cute accessories as an addition.




Country kitchen should be without plastic ceilings and glass countertops. For finishing the floor and working area above the stove, tiles are traditionally used. Windows and doorways can be decorated with curtains. Kitchen in country style should not have visible appliances. It should be stored in lockers. Ceramic plates and pictures of fruit can be placed on the walls. To make your kitchen transformed, decorate it with ceramic vases with garden or field flowers.

Lighting provide a chandelier made of forged metal. If the kitchen is small, hang a few lamps instead of a chandelier.





Finishing the bathroom should be created more tile or stone. These materials have the best moisture resistance. If you need to install furniture here, choose modular options from natural wood.

With a decorative purpose in the bathroom, you can use wicker laundry baskets, wrought iron towel holders.





A room for a child is rarely equipped in a rustic style. But if you really need to keep a single design throughout the house, you need to know how to do it.

A huge plus of this design is that the child will be surrounded by environmentally friendly materials. For the floor, be sure to choose wood, as the tile is cold and slippery. For the walls fit wallpaper with the image of nature, animals. To illuminate the nursery, choose sconces with a yellow light. The rocking-chair will be not only a decor, but also entertainment for the child. Suitable textiles - cute linen curtains, bedding with fine linen, decorative pillows. Walls add photos of the kid in the bosom of the family.



Rustic decor

There are decorative elements that emphasize the belonging of the interior to any style. In the case of country music, such elements include:

  • lamp with lampshade;
  • figurines of wood, bronze, ceramics;
  • ceramic tableware;
  • napkins and tablecloths with embroidery and lace;
  • plants in flowerpots;
  • landscapes and still lifes, painted in oil, in wooden frames;
  • black and white photos.