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Ethnic style in the interior (19 photos): examples of design and proper selection of objects


If you want the apartment design to look really unusual and bright, then the ethno-style in this case is best suited. It reflects the national motives, traditions and customs. But its implementation is the most difficult, because there are not just used certain colors and shapes. To make the interior look complete, it is necessary to introduce objects and accessories typical of a certain culture into it.

There are several characteristic features that are common to all ethnic styles:

  • These styles involve the use of exclusively natural materials. Decor items, furniture, accessories and decoration elements should be made only of stone, wood and other natural materials;
  • The colors chosen reflect the traditional motifs of a particular country. But they, as a rule, are juicy, bright, saturated and repeating the colors of nature;
  • In most cases, ethno archaic styles, but still there are modern exceptions;
  • The main components of ethnic stylistics are the elements of decor and household items characteristic of a particular country;
  • The interior must contain drawings and typical patterns of the selected country.

There are two possible ways to implement the style:

  • Authentic ethnics;
  • Ethnic mix.

The first option provides for an exact reconstruction of the interior. This design is important primarily when creating thematic restaurants and cafes. But also in this way you can design and design of the apartment. But, in order to achieve maximum compliance, it is necessary to carefully study how the interior looked in the culture, how surface treatment was carried out, what furniture and household items were.



Choose from a wide variety of options

As previously mentioned, the ethnic style in the interior combines several areas at once. Therefore it is worth getting closer to the most popular ones.

African style

This option is the most exotic. The color scheme here is chosen in such a way as to reflect the nature of the continent, therefore, it includes mostly warm colors. Hunting rifles, horns and stuffed animals fit perfectly in this interior. Especially prized items brought directly from Africa. It can be both originals and high-quality copies. The floor in such an interior is necessarily carpeted with a bright-colored carpet or the skin of an animal.




Japanese style

If you want to bring minimalistic motifs to your apartment design, then for this you should choose Japanese style. It is also great if the area of ​​the apartment is small. A typical feature of this trend is low furniture. The color scheme consists mainly of light shades. Brighter colors can also be used, but as accents. Another typical element of this interior are sliding screens and partitions.




English style

This style is distinguished by its thoroughness and classic design. When making furniture here are used expensive varieties of natural wood and soft leather upholstery. Despite its severity, this interior looks very comfortable. This is achieved through the use of soft carpets, rugs on upholstered furniture of various decorative elements. The set of decorative elements is very wide. It can be various statues, paintings and even family photos.