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French curtains (19 photos): beautiful design and decoration of windows


French curtains, or "marquises", became fashionable palace interiors in the XVII century, during the reign of the king-sun of Louis XIV. The Baroque style that prevailed at that time assumed the illusion of expanding the space; this task in the window decoration was carried out by curtains made of light white fabric gathered by festoons. The Rococo style that replaced the Baroque created a chamber space facing inward; this effect was achieved by French curtains of thick colored fabrics. Rational classicism logically organizes the interior using a combination of thin and thick French curtains.



Types and features of the device

French curtains of all kinds are made on the same principle - with the help of a team braid, which is sewn to the fabric from the wrong side at regular intervals. Then cords, forming voluminous scallops. They are divided by function into light and dense, and the mechanism - lifting and static. But all types of French curtains do not provide for the separation of the sides of the window.

The choice of fabrics from which you can make French curtains is rich enough, but not any fabric will do. The material should ensure the formation of voluminous, elegant and flowing folds. Light or dark, plain or patterned, there is a suitable fabric for any design idea. Here is a list of fabrics that are used for French curtains most often:

  • organza,
  • batiste,
  • veil,
  • tulle,
  • polyester,
  • muslin,
  • silk,
  • cotton,
  • linen,
  • brocade,
  • velvet.



French curtains in a modern interior

Modern interior design is diverse, it does not dictate one particular style, but carries eclecticism, takes all the best from history and geography, transforming it into a unique space that reflects the tastes and interests of a person. Classic white marquise, if you hang it in the living room, will give refined respectability and create the perfect lighting for the paintings, it will suit painting lovers, it is not without reason that such window decoration is used in many museum halls.

Making a bedroom is very important for any person, because that is where the rest hours are held. Whatever happens in the world, whatever problems are waiting for work, French curtains in the bedroom will create a feeling of well-being. The design of the bedroom window determines how the sunlight affects the awakening from sleep, the next day’s mood depends on it.

Provence style is relevant in modern interiors, as at home we strive for a feeling of comfort and peace. Due to the high risk of contamination from fat, materials for curtains in the kitchen should be chosen more practical, such as flax or polyester. Also a functional solution would be to choose roller blinds in the style of Provence. The addition of frills and ruches will cutely decorate the rustic style, giving it a slight naivety. It will look good with a pelmet decorated with French braid, fringe or glass bead.

The main problem of care for such curtains is dust that accumulates in the folds. To cope with the dust on dense fabrics will help the vacuum cleaner. It is possible to overcome stains with the help of a cloth moistened with soapy water.

Curtains made of tulle or organza are washed in a delicate wash. It is better to entrust the curtains of velvet or brocade to experts in dry cleaning.