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Sauna in the apartment (50 photos): design rooms for a traditional holiday


If the space and interior of the apartment allow, then why not arrange a private sauna in it, in which you can relax alone or with family and friends. After all, the benefits of bath procedures and healing steam are indisputable, and with the help of useful steam and heat many serious diseases can be treated. Therefore, in the article we will consider how the sauna in the apartment is equipped, as well as all the pros and cons of such a step.




Pluses saunas

Consider the benefits of our own home sauna:

  • The organism with each visit to the steam room is cleansed, heals, becomes stronger, less exposed to diseases and infections. This circumstance in the modern conditions of the urban environment is very important. Even a mini-version of the sauna, which will easily fit into any design, will be suitable for recovery.
  • Massage, which is done with the help of natural deciduous and coniferous brooms, helps to enhance blood circulation. With it, even some diseases are treated. In addition, this massage is useful for the skin - women and men after visiting the mini-sauna or bath younger in the eyes.
  • Bath procedures relieve stress, strengthen the nervous system and contribute to the overall hardening of the body. Just imagine - you came home from work, exhausted from the road and work problems - and you will have your own sauna in the apartment, where you can completely relax and clean up, take a break from pressing problems. This awareness alone will make it easier to withstand daily urban overload.
  • In the case of colds, which is not uncommon in our climate, a sauna or a bath is a great doctor. Even in a small sauna, you can get rid of a cold, recover from a sore throat, warm your legs, etc.
  • Sauna in the apartment is often equipped with special doors that close tightly - do not let the cool air out of the outer room and do not let out the warm inside.
  • Some sauna models are equipped with a shower. Such options are designed for sufficient dimensions of the apartment. Mini-models, they can no longer be considered.
  • There are saunas also with hydromassage function. This option is very practical and useful, but it will be more expensive. Such a function will decorate the interior of the sauna, make its design more modern.







What are the disadvantages of a sauna in a city apartment:

  • Enough high cost. The arrangement of such a sauna, even a small one, is far from affordable for everyone. Sometimes a bath once a week or a month is more available.
  • The arrangement of a classical sauna requires enough free space, which not every interior can afford. At the same time having spent the place on arrangement, you can then not find the time to enjoy it regularly.
  • Increasing electricity consumption. Heaters in the sauna, even if it is mini, "eat up" a lot of kilowatts.
  • Not every apartment can be equipped with such a structure - we need a suitable layout, appropriate parameters and design.







Why a sauna, not a bath?

As Russian people, we consider our bathhouse to be our traditional place of washing. But experts still recommend installing a sauna in the apartment. What are its advantages:

  • Sauna easier to mount. It is possible to install the finished structure even with your own hands in a suitable room for this, which greatly simplifies and simplifies the matter. You can customize the installation for any interior and design. A mini-sauna does not even require installation - the portable cabin is mobile and light.
  • You do not have to think about the drainage of water and other domestic nuances, including not having to install additional ventilation equipment in the room. As a result, the room where the sauna is located and the apartment with the whole, will not be affected by humidity. Dry steam of a sauna is not less useful, than bath, wet, but at the same time it does not spoil an interior and design of the room.
  • Sauna can be installed in the mini-version. Such a construction-cabin is a convenient way out if you want to have a sauna in a small apartment.







Consider what types of home sauna can offer modern science and construction technology.



  • This kind of - the most compact, suitable for a small apartment.
  • It is made in the form of a kind of mini-barrel in which the heaters are mounted.
  • Inside there is a small bench for one person, where, in fact, a person sits, intending to enjoy bathing procedures. At the same time, the head remains outside, and the whole body, including the hands, remains inside.
  • Home fitobochka allows you to make the skin fresh and young, suitable in general for people who want to heal your body.
  • It works from the usual outlet, does not spoil the look of its design and stylish interior - after using it is easy to fold and remove.





  • If the usual version of the sauna can warm up the body to 5 mm in depth, affecting, in fact, only the upper skin, the infrared warms up to 4 cm - this is quite a serious indicator.
  • Together with a decent depth of heating, the infrared cabin is interesting in that special rays maintain a comfortable air temperature. In such a sauna room you can enjoy a comfortable rest at 40-60 degrees, getting all the benefits of infrared exposure.
  • Due to the low level of heating, the infrared cabin can be visited even by people for whom the usual bath is contraindicated - to cores, epileptics, suffering from skin diseases, etc. This infrared heat will only benefit them.
  • Home infrared cabin contributes to the excretion of harmful toxins, sweat, toxins, fatty detachments and other "garbage" in the amount of about 20%, while the usual bath, despite heavy sweating - only 5%.



Finnish sauna

  • This classic option is only suitable for apartments with a decent size, as for the proper arrangement of the classical sauna space will require quite a lot. In the mini-version does not occur, so for a small apartment - an unreal option.
  • A big plus of this option is that such a room can comfortably accommodate several people. That is, the owner of the house can receive guests here, even conduct business negotiations, relax with friends. Of course, this will require appropriate interior, modern or traditional designed design.
  • This species is able to generate the driest air, therefore it is most preferable for sick people and children. In a room with very dry air is easiest to stay for a long time.




Where to install

Answering the question - how to make a sauna in an apartment - the first step is to find a suitable place for it. What requirements need to be taken into account - useful tips:

  • If redevelopment is needed, contact with the relevant services is inevitable. It’s better to tune in immediately - life in an apartment building imposes its duties and requirements on the tenant.
  • Consider how the installation of the sauna will fit into your interior and apartment design. Of course, the best thing is a sauna in the bathroom or next to the bathroom. This is the best choice, but it is not always suitable if the bathroom is small or inconveniently located - for example, at the very entrance to the apartment.
  • The bathroom, combined with a toilet, allows one of the vacant premises to be re-equipped as a sauna.
  • There are cases when a separate sauna is arranged in the spacious kitchen. At the same time, it is closed and completely invisible - just the door is visible, and behind it is a small room. This design does not spoil the interior, if the kitchen is large enough.
  • If the loggia is insulated and you do not live in the Far North, then a good option is to equip a mini-sauna on the loggia. Ventilation in this case is carried out directly on the street.
  • Be sure to think about how to carry out the ventilation. If this question is not foreseen, steam will settle where it is necessary - on furniture, shelves, mirrors, walls, leading to their gradual destruction and the formation of mold and mildew. All this can greatly spoil the interior and beautiful design of the apartment.







How to sheathe

Consider what materials are best suited for the interior design of a home sauna:

  • The best option is wood with heat treatment. The best wood for the sauna is linden or aspen. They heat up the worst and are not tarry, which makes staying in a sauna more comfortable. Moreover, these trees have, according to traditional medicine, healing properties. The Russian traditional bath is also often made from these trees.
  • Position the trim with vertical stripes - this visually makes the room wider, which is especially important for a mini-sauna.
  • Nail the lining with a secret reception - in the groove. This will make the room more aesthetic.
  • First you need to sheathe the ceiling in the room, then - the walls.
  • The floor is also made of wood - this option is best. Sometimes they put tiled or ceramic floors, but in this case a wooden lattice is still put in order not to burn the legs.
  • The door is wooden. A modern version of a matte or tinted design will also look very interesting and attractive.