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Vertical blinds in the interior (20 photos): modern comfort


Technological progress, not standing still for a second, under the influence of time, so modernized the "medieval patches" into stylish vertical blinds so much that in the modern world they began to make serious competition to the usual curtains and curtains.

Vertical slats have a more domesticated appearance, which is why they can often be found in residential premises. From them, and breathes coziness and comfort that captivates housewives. Since the vertical blinds easily fit into any, even the most intricate interior, the demand for them is large enough. Of course, any keeper of the hearth will give preference to innovative curtains, because in their arsenal there is a considerable reserve of numerous advantages.

It turns out that there are vertical blinds, lamellae, which are made of aluminum. There are advantages of this type of blinds.

Vertical aluminum blinds are needed in a room where there is a possibility of fire. They will give the lack of comfort to the room with minimal security risks. However, we are all so accustomed to seeing aluminum lamellas in a horizontal position. But it is the vertical blinds that make the small-sized room more spacious and the low ceilings higher. In addition, this product looks very elegant, so it is suitable for office space and residential.

Plisse vertical blinds, unlike horizontal ones, appeared quite recently. The main difference is the vertical arrangement of the folds, which move along the guides not up and down, but up and down. Most often, these blinds are complemented by classic curtains. However, if desired, they can be used as an independent decorative element. In addition, the installation of the structure is quite simple. Blinds can be installed both in a window opening, and in a wall, and even in a ceiling.




Vertical blinds to the balcony

It is not often possible to observe vertical blinds on the balcony. Still, for the loggia a more suitable option is horizontal blinds or roller blinds. But this applies only to cases of tilt and turn glazing systems. But if the landlord preferred the sliding window system, it is not possible to install horizontal blinds and blinds, the technical expansion of the doors is simply impossible, this will be prevented by the cornices of the structures. In this case, vertical blinds will be one of the few alternative and convenient options.

  • It is not necessary to close and open each flap separately, as in the case of fabric roller shutters, where each flap is an autonomous unit. With a single movement, you can hide the entire balcony from the hot scorching rays of light.
  • Vertical blinds are as similar to the rooted and become a real tradition - curtains, curtains or curtains.
  • Modern blinds are covered with all sorts of impregnations that promise to protect from dust, dirt and other kinds of pollution. Of course this is not a panacea. Especially on the balcony, vertical blinds in any case will be contaminated, however, like any other type of curtains.
  • The mechanism involves the collection of lamellae in several directions, which eliminates the formation of folds, as in horizontal blinds.



The disadvantages of vertical blinds

  • Take up a lot of space.
  • If there is a window sill - restrict free access to it.
  • Prevent the free separation of the sash. For airing it will be necessary to move the slats, in whole or in part.
  • When blowing on the balcony of a strong wind, the slats of such blinds will swing, which will entail an excessive noise and untidy appearance.