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Money tree in the interior (19 photos): attract well-being to the house


The world of plants is inseparable from the sphere of human life. The interior of the room, where there is at least one green plant, is transformed and filled with positive energy. Among the many indoor plants, there is one unique thing — a bollard, or a money tree.

The fat woman has the name Crassula Ovata in science and belongs to the Succulent genus of the Tolstiankov family. Crassula grows in South Africa, Australia, southern Arabia, on the island of Madagascar and has more than 350 species. The plant habitually feels in conditions of arid climate and tropical storms.

The money tree has a woody trunk with fleshy green or dark green round leaves. Varieties of jade can bloom, its flower has a pale pink or white color, with a strong sweet smell. Crassula is propagated by leaves and stem cuttings.



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How to plant and grow a sweatshirt to attract financial success

You can buy a money tree in a flower shop, but according to the Feng Shui rule, it is better not to do this. The plant must not buy, and take on occasion and plant yourself. The easiest way to do this is to break off a cutting or a leaf from an adult flower of your acquaintances or friends, thanking in your heart the host for the help. Then the plant will be able to show their favorable properties.



How to care at home

Rules for the care of the money tree are simple and simple, but they must be followed regularly, preventing the plant from fading or dusting. It is necessary to care for a tree, observing three factors - watering, light and transplanting.

  1. Watering is needed scarce, without waterlogging, in winter it is enough to irrigate 1-2 times a month, because sweetie comes from arid areas.
  2. The temperature in the house should be moderate, in the summer it is good to put the flower in the air or take it out to the garden.
  3. The fat woman loves the light, but does not tolerate the burning properties of the rays of the sun. It is recommended to put the plant near the window, but not on the window sill.
  4. 2 years after planting and then the money tree must be replanted regularly. For this fit a wide, small pot. Soil can be purchased at the store, adding a little sand, ash and humus. At the bottom of the pot spread claydite for drainage or pebbles.




Where to put the plant in the house

An elegant flower will decorate the interior and attract good luck and prosperity to the house. Lovers of indoor flowers arrange at home small green areas where the money tree can fit into the composition of flowering plants, rubber plants and palm trees, where it will be convenient to take care of it.

Home tree is better to put closer to the light, but wherever the direct bright rays of the sun do not fall. For some time the plant can stand in the shade, but for a long time to put it in a shaded place is not worth it.

Homemade junkie serves as an excellent air purifier, kills bacteria and microbes in the room, decorates the interior and improves your mood. At the energy level, the tree is associated with a person and absorbs negative energy. It is noticed that the state of Crassula depends on the conditions of the home atmosphere and the health of people living in an apartment: it fades if someone gets sick, and comes to life again when a person is recovering.