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Beautiful porcelain vases in the interior (18 photos)


In modern interior design, beautiful porcelain vases are used very often. This is an interesting decorative element that can give any room a special comfort, tranquility and solemnity at the same time.

"Porcelain" is a term of Arabic origin, meaning the term "imperial". Porcelain vases originally personified the cold endurance, power and majesty of the ruling persons. Only emperors and outstanding people could afford to keep their porcelain ware in the house: vases, figurines, dishes and various attributes for interior decor.

For the first time, "imperial" products began to be produced in China in the first millennium. Local masters were able to create real works of art.

Only at the end of the 18th century, porcelain vases and some unique figurines from China entered the territory of Europe. Refined Europeans, spoiled by cold aristocratic luxury, were amazed by the subtlety and elegance of form. They were surprised by everything: sparkling white glaze, artful stucco, bright murals.



Arriving in Russia

Precious porcelain also came to Russia from China. At one time, the Siberian Andrei Kursin tried to recreate, by trial and error, an ideal porcelain mass for the production of vases, figurines, dishes and other decor items that could replenish the interior collections of Russian rulers.

However, all attempts were in vain. Kursin tried to bribe one of the Chinese masters to share the recipe for the production of this material. However, to create a quality thing and failed. Perhaps the recipe itself was incorrect or the domestic technical potential was inappropriate.

In 1744, a master from China addressed the Russian representative in Stockholm, with whom they subsequently concluded a deal for the supply of goods to Russia. Today, vases, figurines and porcelain dishes are found everywhere. Fashion is changing, style and trends replace each other, but porcelain vases emitting cool charm are always relevant.




Main types

Vases, original amphoras and porcelain figurines are used in modern interior design in order to strengthen the storyline, complement the overall concept of style, fill in the voids and introduce a special atmosphere of elegance and comfort. A beautiful white vase with flowers will add color and color, will eliminate an unnecessarily cold gloss in modern apartments. The large floor amphora will become an original decorative element that will make the decoration of the room more expensive and respectable.

Designers most often classify vases according to the principle of localization and general purpose of vessels. Consider the main categories.

One of the most important purposes of a VAZ of any kind and format is to be a worthy container for bouquets and various floral compositions. Phytodesigners are advised to purchase small vases for flowers, relying solely on their own taste and discretion. In the interior as a decor "play" rather the bouquet itself, rather than the capacity, where it is located.

As for large porcelain amphorae of the floor type, here the aesthetic qualities of this attribute come to the fore. It can seriously affect the interior.