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How to paint the roof of the house: the choice of paint, the stages of work


Most house owners have repeatedly thought about how to properly paint the roof to improve the operational and aesthetic qualities of the building, because high-quality paint will protect the roof from the harmful effects of precipitation, scorching sun, moisture and industrial pollution.

Iron of even the highest quality is constantly exposed to all sorts of negative environmental influences:

  • Ultraviolet;
  • Precipitation;
  • Mechanical impact;
  • The pressure of large masses of snow in winter.

Because of this, the roof begins to rot through over time, lose color, overgrow with moss. Then the old coating can become even holey, which will lead to the destruction of the entire building.

Dye Composition Requirements

It is better to refuse oil paint or water emulsion. Whatever the high quality of the chosen product, the coloring matter will need to be applied in two and sometimes three layers.

Before you begin, you need to worry about safety. It is not only about protective cables, but also about individual means of protection from the paint itself (goggles, respirator or special mask).

Slate itself is quite attractive and fits into any architectural style. However, this does not prevent many homeowners from painting the roof with a slate coating in other colors. As in the case of a metal roof, the process of transforming a house consists of two stages: surface preparation for work and painting itself.


A special advantage of slate is a high degree of adhesion with coloring compositions of any type. All that is required at the initial stage of preparation is to clean the working surface from contamination: dust, dirt, leaves, moss fragments and the rest. If necessary, the slate can even be washed.

What you should definitely get rid of is greasy stains. It is best to use gasoline or special solvents. Otherwise, stains can seriously worsen the end result of even the highest quality work.

If the slate is attached to the roof with iron nails, it is necessary to work on cleaning these difficult locations. Rust and traces of dirt are removed from the surface. Cracks ground. It is desirable to cover the iron elements with an anti-corrosion compound.

Selection of materials

Painting the roof of slate is convenient to carry out the method of spraying. In this case, select and paint the appropriate type. For example, it is convenient to work with water-dispersion formulations.

Slate will not only look aesthetically pleasing, but will also receive additional protection. Paints of this type, which are designed specifically for working with surfaces such as slate, tiles, and asbestos cement slabs, have already appeared in specialized construction stores.

Another good option is the use of high quality enamels. They dry very quickly and are easy to use.

As a rule, due to impurities of special substances, the paint allows to form on the working surface a smooth, durable and relatively elastic film. The roof acquires an attractive glossy shine that does not lose brightness for a long time. Such a holistic film is able to provide reliable protection to slate structures.

Both global repair and minor restoration require the investment of a considerable amount of manpower and resources. However, the knowledge of some nuances and special construction tricks will allow you to save your resources.

Here are just a few valuable tips that can be useful to anyone who is going to update the roof of his house:

  • For painting metal surfaces, it is advantageous to acquire paints with an improved composition. The main difference is the absence of water impurities and the presence of anti-corrosion elements for protection. Typically, this paint is better "grasps" the surface of the metal roof due to improved adhesive qualities. In addition, they form a fairly elastic film, which is important, given the property of the metal to expand under prolonged exposure to high temperatures (for example, in the summer under the scorching sun);
  • Choosing paint to work with any type of surface, many forget about one very important quality - fire safety of the coloring composition. As a rule, the more modern a product is, and the more famous a brand is, the more pronounced these important qualities are. If the can of paint does not have the appropriate marking, the information can be obtained from the sales assistant;
  • Circol is a matt acrylic compound that has become incredibly popular lately. Experts advise to pay attention to the new product, focusing on its impeccable performance. It contains active anti-corrosion additives, as well as absolutely fireproof.

If the owner of a private house is not confident in their abilities, it is better not to carry out such time-consuming work yourself. It is better to seek help from specialists.