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Forged gates (15 photos): beautiful design options


The ideal way to add an element of luxury and increase the attractiveness of the fence of a private house is to install a wrought iron gate. Now everyone can order such gates, as the price is affordable. You can choose wrought-iron gates, ideally suited to the existing fence of your country house or wooden country house in modern style.

Buying forged gates is a complex and costly process. Sometimes buying a really high-quality gate is very difficult, so you should heed the advice of professionals:

  • If the price of the gate seems too low to you, refuse it. Forging high quality can not be cheap.
  • Pay attention to the functionality. If you need doors in front of the garage of your villa, order automatic sliding barriers that are controlled from a distance.
  • If you want the gates of a private house to be visible from afar, order wrought openwork wickets of bright colors with original decorative elements. You can order forging with your initials or specially created decorations, such a design will make the doors a reflection of your taste.
  • If you live in the northern areas, where there is a large amount of precipitation, it is better to buy galvanized metal gates.
  • If there is no money for expensive metal fencing to give, but really want, choose a budget option from cheap aluminum.
  • If you need a sliding metal wrought iron gate, do not be stingy. Buying cheap wickets will result in you having to change them again soon.
  • Having decided to install forged sliding gates, approach responsibly to their choice, because these fences will serve you for a long time.



How to distinguish art from forged

To distinguish real art forging from pseudo-products, you need to know the features of the manufacture of forged products:

  • Most of the elements of artistic forging connect clamps. Their section thickness has the same dimensions as the main elements. In counterfeit, the clamps are replaced with thin metal strips, or, in general, welded. Therefore, they can quickly break. The beauty of the design of these products also do not shine.
  • Tips should be well drawn. A good pattern is achieved with the help of a blacksmith's hammer and forge.
  • The tips and crowns are made with a forge hydraulic hammer having a weight of six tons.
  • The billet is heated red-hot and twisted around its axis on special equipment.
  • Bend forms on special patterns.
  • There are a lot of elements of artistic forging: leaves, grids, cones, flowers, special openwork monograms. If there is no such option on the gate, then this is not forging. During forging, metal acquires plasticity, therefore, a variety of artistic patterns, various elements and grids are formed from it.
  • The most beautiful and durable fences are obtained when iron is forged by hand, using special tools. They have a sophisticated look, reliable and durable.

Products that make in special forms by pouring molten iron into them become a less expensive alternative. Gates of them look beautiful, but the design of man-made patterns is much more refined.



Variations of a shod gate with other decorative elements

You can choose different types of wrought iron gates for gardening: decorative, sliding, sliding, sliding in modern style or classical.

Prestigious and elegant sliding wrought-iron gates - look solid and expensive. They improve the look of the fence and make a pleasant first impression of a private house. After all, this is an important indicator of a sign of wealth and style of the host. Often, the homes of many people do not correlate with a wooden cottage, but with luxurious old mansions.

Wrought iron gates for the garden are very practical, they will live much longer than other types of fencing. Their advantages:

  • High strength. As an alloy, wrought iron has a higher corrosion resistance than pure iron, since it is mixed with a fibrous material.
  • Wear resistance. Forged metal is not afraid of even strong blows, it is almost impossible to damage.
  • A wide range of styles of wrought iron gates allows you to complement any landscape design.
  • Through such metal gates you can see the courtyard, someone considers it a disadvantage, but many do not want to “brick up” their yard completely and open the magnificent design of a private house through the openwork grilles and allow passersby to admire the landscaping of the yard of your cottage.
  • Wrought iron is immune to rodents and other pests that often damage wood.



How much do wrought fences cost?

Products from wrought iron are among the most expensive enclosing materials. The price of wrought iron gates depends on many factors: size, design, quality of material and other features.

Large sliding doors have a higher cost. Due to its durability, consumption can be economically justified, because even simple gates will serve for a long time.

Wrought iron is heavy, it requires a solid base and careful installation. The installation of metal sliding doors is very time consuming and carries large additional costs, as they need to properly organize the foundation.



Forged Gate Service

This durable and heavy material will serve for many years. You do not need to constantly clean, wash and paint them.

The only drawback of the wrought-iron gates is the appearance of rust stains when they stand idle for a while in a wet or corrosive environment. Usually rust stains on chipped and scratched paint are easily cleaned with emery paper. Then a protective layer of paint is applied to the treated area.