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How to properly hang the chandelier on the ceiling: a simple instruction


Regardless of how beautifully the ceiling in the apartment is made, a chandelier gives it a finished look. This is where the question arises how to hang the chandelier on the ceiling, because this seemingly simple procedure requires taking into account the mass of nuances. Failure to observe them is fraught with a drop in the chandelier and even damage to the ceiling. In this article, we will look at how to properly hang a chandelier and how to connect it.

Before you hang the chandelier to the ceiling, you need to decide on the method of hanging - on the mounting bar or hook. The choice depends on several factors:

  • Chandelier designs;
  • View of the ceiling.

Most modern fixtures come with a ledge. However, some models of chandeliers, especially European manufacturers, are designed for hanging on a hook, so when you buy lighting equipment, you should consider this point. Those who previously hung a chandelier on a hook, often try to buy a chandelier of the same design to facilitate the installation process. In this case, the material of the hook should be taken into account, since Soviet plastic elements may already be too fragile.

The appearance of the ceiling also affects the preferred mounting method. For example, when working with a concrete ceiling, you can use both a strap and a hook. But hanging it on a suspended ceiling, you cannot do without a hook if you want to do all the work quickly. Again, the design of the equipment should be considered. For example, a round Chinese LED ceiling lamp with a remote control, most often used when working with suspended ceilings, is mounted on a cruciform bar.

The concrete ceiling is highly durable, so a chandelier of almost any weight can be hung on it. The method of fastening depends on which fixation option is provided by the manufacturer. It is important to immediately determine where the wire passes in order not to damage it. As a rule, the wire is directed perpendicular to the wall with the junction box.

Hang the chandelier on the bracket

First of all, all the decorative elements are removed from the chandelier, the lights in the room are turned off. It is advisable to turn off the light on the panel. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Produced markup under the bar. It is desirable to have it perpendicular to the cable;
  2. If the old chandelier was hung on a hook, then it should be bent to the side. Cutting it is not worth it, in the future it can be useful if you once again decide to change the lamp;
  3. Holes are drilled in the marked places, and with the help of dowels with screws the bracket is fixed;
  4. After fixing it on the ceiling, check the presence of power and, with the lights off, connect the chandelier with the appropriate wires;
  5. On the bracket there are protruding pins, which are mounted on the base of the chandelier. They are then screwed on the nuts until the saucer is pressed tightly against the ceiling.

After checking the performance of the chandelier, the ceiling and decor are hung on it.

Installation of the lamp is somewhat more complicated if it was previously decided to level the ceiling with plasterboard, because the chandelier will not hang directly onto the plasterboard. To minimize the work and possible damage it is better to use a hook. The general rules for mounting a hook are the same as with a concrete ceiling, but there are a number of nuances:

  • First, you first need to form a hole in the casing. Its diameter is chosen slightly larger than directly under the anchor, but smaller than the head of the hook;
  • The plate is already drilled with a drill suitable for the anchor to a depth of 7-10 cm;
  • The fastener is screwed into the anchor so that its edge is below the ceiling at a distance of 1-2 cm. A chandelier is hung on the hook, the cup is connected and fixed.

If the lamp is light, then it can be fixed on the profile with the help of a strip. However, it should be borne in mind that it is made of soft aluminum, so over time it will sag under the weight, deforming the ceiling.

It is most difficult to install a lamp on such a ceiling with your own hands, because the material is easily deformed if it is carelessly handled. Ideally, the fixture for the chandelier is installed before the installation of the canvas, you only need to choose the right length. To do this, between the profiles stretched line, intersecting in the place where the chandelier will be hung.

When hanging it on a hook, the scheme is similar to installing an anchor when working with a plasterboard ceiling, but the top of the hook should be at the level of the line. When installing the canvas of the stretch ceiling, it is necessary to glue the thermal ring in the place where the chandelier is installed to prevent the PVC material from spreading. Then a hole for a hook is cut inside the ring. If the canvas has already been stretched, the ring is first glued and a hole is formed. Then set the hook into the main ceiling.

Next, we consider how to hang a chandelier on a suspended ceiling using a slat:

  1. Since the structure of the canvas is soft, it is necessary to do a little preparatory work before hanging the chandelier. In particular, it is necessary to attach a wooden plank on the main ceiling, the thickness of which corresponds to the distance between the main and stretch ceiling. Make it easy with ordinary screws with dowels. Pre-formed in the bar hole for the withdrawal of wires;
  2. The ceiling canvas is stretched and a thermal ring is installed in the fixing point of the lamp, inside which a hole is cut;
  3. Install the mounting plate. Its fastening on the bar is carried out in the limit of the ring, in no case through the canvas, so that the material does not begin to creep away;
  4. The chandelier is connected, mounted on studs and fixed with decorative nuts.

When using chandeliers with a wide base, which are often made out of the console, a cross-shaped bar is used. Consider how to connect such chandeliers to the ceiling step by step:

  1. From the sheet of plywood is formed a platform corresponding to the size of the cross. It is also necessary to make a hole for the output wires;
  2. In the corners of the platform are installed metal strips. They are necessary for fixing the platform on the main ceiling;
  3. After the web is installed, the thermal rings are fixed in the places of fastening of the crosspiece and the holes are cut out. The cross is attached to the platform with screws;
  4. Next, the chandelier is attached to the bar. It is important to ensure that the base of the chandelier is located parallel to the surface of the ceiling.

First you need to decide how many wires come out of the ceiling, and how many on the key switch. If you intend to connect the chandelier with two wires, then the two-button switch will not work. In addition, you will have to pull another wire, but in this case it is easiest to connect the chandelier - it is enough to assemble wires of the same color into bundles.

If the chandelier with three wires, the situation is a little more complicated. The first step is to collect the lamp in groups. The zero wires of all cartridges are connected to a common zero wire. One remaining wire is connected to the first group of lamps, and the second to the second group. During the connection, be sure to turn off the power. And not just a switch, but on the panel, because the wiring is not always laid by a qualified installer. As a result, the power supply is not phase, but zero.

In this article we examined in detail how to hang the chandelier yourself and connect it to the network. If all the rules are followed, this can be done without assistance. You can connect the chandelier only with full confidence in a positive result, but it is still better to entrust this procedure to an installer with an appropriate level of qualification.