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Atmospheric green tile in the bathroom: natural vigor (23 photos)


Green color has a beneficial effect on the psychological state of a person. It is the color of nature, the color of harmony. It helps to relieve stress, physical and psychological stress. These factors, as well as the desire to give your home a unique look and style make people choose green tiles.



The green tile is a rather original solution in terms of bathroom design. Green color in combination with taking a bath will help you to relax as much as possible, relieve stress, throw out of your head all the negative thoughts and emotions that have accumulated during the day.

The green tile will give a feeling of unity with nature. In addition, you can surprise your friends in this way.

So, you decided to tile the bathroom with green tiles. When buying, be sure to pay attention to what is written on the label. The fact is that for the walls and for the floor is used facing material of different types.

The appearance of the bathroom will be influenced not only by the color of the ceramic tile, but also by its size and surface type. In this regard, you have a huge selection - on sale you can find tiles of various sizes and with different surfaces.



By type of surface ceramic tiles are divided into the following types:

  • glossy;
  • matte;
  • textured.

Glossy tiles are the most widespread. It is easy to explain - it displays colors more brightly and has a beautiful appearance. In addition, it is very easy to wash. However, the gloss has its drawbacks. He, reflecting light, creates glare. It adversely affects the eyes. If you have vision problems, it is better to use matte tiles. This tile is also ideal for the floor. It has a rough surface, it is impossible to slip on it. However, it is more difficult to wash, respectively, a tile with a matte surface than with a glossy one.

If you decide to decorate the bathroom with exactly green color, you can try to play with its various shades: olive, emerald, lime, lime and so on. If you want to give the room a classic style, it is better to use a tile of dark green tones. If you like a more modern design, it is better to use light green tones. In this case, you will visually expand the size of the room.



Green color goes well with many other colors, but here you need to be careful - some combinations of colors may look unpresentable. Ideally, along with the green color for the bathroom to use white, yellow, beige and cream tones.




Bathroom style

Modern designers distinguish the following styles for bathroom design:

  • Greek style is characterized by tiles of white or olive color. The floor and walls should be of different colors.
  • If you want to decorate your bathroom in a nautical style, you need to pay more attention to the pastel, gentle tones. Decorative tiles are suitable here. Any seascape will look good on the wall.
  • Tropical style. In this case, you should give preference to bright pistachio, sand or light green hues. Matte sand-colored tiles are ideal for floors. To complement the design, place live plants, wicker furniture and towels of bright colors in the bathroom. In this case, you can not go to the tropical islands.
  • Vintage style. As in the case of the Greek style, it is necessary to give preference to olive color. It’s better to use wood instead of vintage style tiles to decorate the floor, but then there should be good ventilation. Will ideally fit into this style of the plumber on carved legs.
  • The Art Deco style for the bathroom is a combination of green with white, yellow or gold colors. This combination can be complemented with metallic color.
  • Style avant-garde suitable for young people. Decorate one wall with green tiles and the other with black and white. You can put a sand-colored matte tile on the floor.
  • Mosaic. In this case, countless options. It all depends on your rich imagination. You can experiment with tiles of various colors and sizes.