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Wall decorations in the interior: universal decor (21 photos)


The interior plays a huge role in the life of any person, because the apartment or house in which we spend most of our time should be pleasing to the eye and create mood. Decorative wall decoration is a unique opportunity to make any room more comfortable, and this can be realized through various design solutions. There is plenty of room for creativity and original ideas, and each of them is able to breathe a little life and freshness into the familiar interior.



In harmony with nature

Even the most interesting wallpapers sometimes tire and make you think about some changes, but this does not mean that you need to rush to repaint the walls or tear off old wallpapers in order to refresh the gray look of the room. Much nicer just add zest, which will help make the situation more attractive for guests and for households.



One of these options for decor can be a panel on the theme of nature. For example, fluttering butterflies. Bright and colorful, from multi-colored fabric, they are able to bring into the room not only positive, but also diversity. You can buy them in the store, and then these wall decorations will glow in the dark, as they have a fluorescent basis, but you can make them yourself. To do this, simply cut the silhouettes of winged beauties from colorful fabric or colored paper, and then carefully plant them on the wall with adhesive tape or rubber tape, which is pre-fixed on the butterfly. The room will immediately become bright and cozy.




You can diversify the interior with botanical motifs in the style of a chamomile field or a rose garden. Even it is not necessary to buy them in the store, but you can do it yourself.

In particular, for the manufacture of daisies suitable wrappers from the cupcakes, the middle of which can be painted in yellow color, resembling the core of this flower. Roses are usually obtained as a result of working with a ribbon or crepe paper from which a bud is gathered. Using glue, scissors and a pencil, I manage to get this decoration in just a few minutes.




Did you have a collection of buttons? You can also make a lot of interesting things from it. In particular, it can be flower bouquets, images of predatory animals or quite nice pets.

In the rhythm of the big city

If everything is more or less clear with the living rooms, how can the walls of the rest of the rooms be enlivened? Of course, the subject matter is always connected with the place to which it relates. If we are talking about the kitchen, this is a territory of comfort and warmth, so the decor in it should awaken the appetite, give a pleasant mood and a feeling of comfort. An excellent option in this case would be a picture of fruits: juicy apples, ripe pears, and fragrant peaches. They are quite easy to find in the store and make a panel with your own hands. It is enough to find beautiful plastic analogues of fresh fruit and attach them to the wall along with the frame. Alternatively, you can put them in a basket or a vase, which is easy to make from twigs, clay, and even clay. Glue, scissors and a little imagination are great helpers in this business.




If you still have trimming fabric, do not rush to throw them away: they can also become an option for wall panels for the interior. You can put them in the form of kitchen utensils, and you can place applications on them (jars of jam, cherry pie or a steaming kettle).

For those who love and can embroider, you can complicate the task: put a pattern on the fabric and create the desired picture with the help of bright threads with your own hands.