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Shower set in the bathroom: modern designs (28 photos)


The concept of hygiene is the most important attribute of civilization. Today it is impossible to imagine how to do without a lot of accessories in the bathroom. One of the most important items of convenience is a shower set.




Benefits of a shower set

The most popular sanitary device in the bathroom is considered to be a bathroom, but gradually it is replaced by other devices, due to which the bulky item goes into the background. One of these is a shower set - a fast and convenient way to take a shower, which saves a lot of time.



So, a shower set is a few devices that help take a shower quickly and conveniently. The main technical component is a watering can. Included in it can be additional gadgets that can create maximum comfort for their owners.






How to choose a headset?

Plumbing market offers a wide selection of shower sets. They differ in color, functionality and other criteria. To get the best option, you should think about certain parameters.


It's all individually. You may already have a mixer. In this case, you must purchase a shower set with an overhead shower. Someone likes to walk in the rain so that the whole body is massaged by raindrops, in this case the ideal option is a set with a rain shower.


Functionality, convenience, quality and beauty can not be cheap, so it is obvious that the simpler the shower set, the lower its cost and vice versa.



What are the shower headsets?

  • A shower set with overhead shower is a convenient and economical option. A set without a faucet is suitable in those bathrooms where there is already the necessary equipment. If the mixer is already installed, then it is advantageous to buy a shower set with an overhead shower. He will join the already installed plumbing and will benefit for a long time.
  • The shower set with the mixer is a classical option. The kit is completely complete. It can be used in any bathroom or in the shower.
  • Shower set with thermostat - the product is suitable for families with small children. A thermostat is a device that maintains a constant temperature. You fix the desired indicator of water, and thermostats support this indicator. With such a headset, the temperature does not depend on the pressure, but is set by a special lever. The shower faucet has only one tap.
  • A rain shower set is the most popular set. Its price is higher than that of other similar products. The difference of this set is the upper watering can, which is called the "tropical shower".



Manufacturers claim that the watering can of a tropical shower cleanses the skin from deep impurities, at the expense of the effect of raindrops it massages the whole body, which improves blood circulation, rejuvenates the skin and improves metabolism.



The set can have not only the top tropical shower, but also a classic mobile. A huge selection of shower sets allows you to choose an individual device for washing.



One of the differences in shower sets is the type of installation. There are 2 types:

  • Built in. These headsets are almost invisible. They can be with overhead shower and mixer, with or without tropical watering can. The uniqueness is that the built-in set is hidden behind the facing tile, decorative panel or shower box. On the surface there are only the most necessary items: spout, watering can. The placement of these parts can be set at the discretion of the owner. However, this headset has one big disadvantage - the lack of height adjustment in a large watering can.
  • Outer. A classic and familiar look of a shower set. Installation does not require much effort. Everyone did fasten the outside tiles or panels.

These are not all main types of shower sets.

Many manufacturers make a series of plumbing fixtures more attractive and unique. They add various hooks, soap dishes and shelves to the bar for convenience.

They make racks, hoses and watering cans of various colors and unusual shapes.

For a long service life for any items necessary to properly care. This also applies to shower sets.

  • Wipe the plumbing surface is better with a special wet microfiber chopper.
  • When choosing a cleaning agent, preference is given to those where abrasives are absent. These substances scratch and change the color of the surface of the headset.
  • If water began to drip from the mixer, then you should immediately replace the outdated part.
  • When choosing a shower set, preference should be given to stainless steel. Such material will last much longer. Just look after him and keep an aesthetic look.



A shower set is an indispensable thing in the bathroom. When choosing, you should rely on quality, cost, functionality and appearance. The headset should be properly maintained. In this case, the product will last a long time.