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Choosing skinal for the kitchen: options and features (25 photos)


Traditionally, the design of the room, designed for the kitchen, was created mainly by furniture, utensils, general wall decoration, and in the past few decades it has been possible to choose home appliances in the right design solution, but the most advantageous in terms of creating an original and stylish interior have become skina the kitchen.



These glass decorative panels, created on the principle of triplex, have been successfully used in residential interiors for various purposes, but it was for kitchens that skinal glass was particularly functional and valuable as an important decorative element.

Skinali represent a continuous smooth glass panel, decorated with a film with a pattern hidden under the outer layer. Sometimes the film is monochromatic, but the idea of ​​applying various images, including photographic ones, turned out to be much more attractive.

Of particular value to housewives is the ease of care for an apron for the kitchen, made in the technique of skinali. The glass surface lends itself to washing almost better than the highest quality ceramics. Glass is absolutely neutral chemically, which makes it possible to use both acidic and alkaline detergents. There are no pores in it, where moisture could have penetrated. Solid panel has no joints, crevices, roughness and other obstacles for quick and efficient cleaning.

Among the shortcomings it can be noted that if by negligence you still damage the panel, for example, hit hard with something heavy, then the entire surface will be replaced, unlike, for example, from tiled walls, where you can choose and replace one or two tiles.

However, with the usual caution, skines are able to serve as long as a properly laid tile, and also retain an attractive look. Used in the manufacture of dyes are very resistant, and a layer of glass provides reliable protection against possible negative effects. And accidentally scratching the surface with a knife or fork is unlikely to work. Any utensils and finishes for the kitchen of glass usually combines durability and hygiene.




The skinal panel can be put on a special glue, but for this to happen, the wall must be very smooth to ensure a tight fit. If a complete repair with alignment of the walls is not planned, it is possible to install with screws on the holders fixed in the wall.

Both options have their own difficulties. To glue the wall must be leveled, besides, in case of dismantling its surface will be damaged. Mounting on holders and screws will require drilling holes in the glass, and the heads of the screws will need to be hidden with plugs. With this method of installation, it is important to take care in the efforts so that the glass will not crack when the screws are tightened. In part, this moment simplifies the plastic lining between the metal fasteners and glass. But the panel will be easy to remove, replace or move.




If an outlet is located in the installation zone, it is necessary to measure and cut a hole under it in advance.

Despite the good level of heat resistance of glass panels, we should not forget about the standard precautions: it is desirable to keep a small distance from the hob to the wall (if the plate is not located between two fragments of the table top).

Picture? Any

The choice of colors skinali for the kitchen is very rich, virtually endless, because you can put on film and use to create a decorative panel almost any image, guided simply by your own taste and compatibility with the rest of the interior. This makes the solution of the question "how to choose skinali" difficult, but fascinating.

Actual, in particular, expressively "kitchen" drawings depicting food and what is associated with it - beautiful dishes, drinks, etc. Such images give the room a cozy and cheerful look, suggestive of cooking and food.

Landscape themes are no less popular: clear and vivid images of the sea, mountains, forests, urban panorama, turn ordinary skinalis for the kitchen into a sort of window, from which a luxurious view opens. Romantic, elegant, goes well with most modern styles in interior design.




Favorable central elements of the decor are images of animals, birds, flowers. For the most part, they are performed in rich but natural colors and create a warm, soothing atmosphere. It is for such drawings that the 3D printing technique is most often used, creating a convincing illusion of an oceanic aquarium, a tropical garden with orchids, a summer meadow with ripening berries and fluttering dragonflies. However, all these beautiful and vivid images are able to visually overload the interior, if the furniture and wallpaper are also distinguished by the intensity of colors, therefore modern interiors often use skins of a less saturated and striking pattern. They blend harmoniously with the decor of rich colors and pronounced decor.

A few recommendations on how to choose skinali.

  • If dark and saturated colors predominate in images or background, random fingerprints and similar light contaminants are more pronounced on the surface.
  • Combinations of bright and contrasting shades (for example, green with orange or pink, red with blue, black with white) look very impressive, but they can tire the eyesight and nervous system.
  • Soft color transitions (for example, beige with brown, light green with green, white with light gray) look quieter and add comfort to the decor.
  • It is believed that cold shades - for example, lilac-violet gamma, greenish-blue, bright blue, cyan, ink, snow-white - do not contribute to the improvement of appetite, so if the kitchen is used not only for cooking, but also as a dining room, it is desirable that these colors did not predominate.

For example, for a white kitchen, glass panels depicting fresh vegetables and fruits, floral patterns in warm colors, natural greenery will be a good addition, and gray shades and cool shades of green are a good choice for a room decorated in brown colors and wood-textured furniture.




In any case, it is necessary to choose the sizes, design and colors, skins, in accordance with the room and furnishings so that the glass apron of your choice harmonizes with the rest of the details, and the whole interior does not tire your eyesight.



Simplicity and accessibility

Cost skinali is quite affordable for consumers with average incomes. There are relatively expensive options, but most of the prices are comparable to the price of high-quality tile, and installation is faster and cheaper.




Order skinali can be in specialized companies. And the best option would be if measurements, manufacturing and installation are entrusted to the same company. Then she is fully responsible for the final result.