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Wallpaper with imitation - natural textures in the interior (25 photos)


Wallpaper with imitation of natural finishing materials are becoming increasingly popular. In the interior of such wallpaper look stylish and expensive. Using them when finishing the room, you can create an authentic atmosphere relating to the classics, antiquity or modern trends in interior design.



What are the wallpaper with imitation?

Thanks to the development of technology, the simulated material no longer looks cheap. There are wallpapers on sale that can create visual effects of any desired coverage. Among the most successful options you should pay attention to the following types of materials:

  • wallpaper with imitation brickwork;
  • wallpaper with imitation plaster;
  • imitation stone wallpaper;
  • wood imitation wallpaper;
  • imitations of tissue, skin and similar structures.

For example, imitation timber is the right solution for apartments decorated in Russian or country style. This wallpaper does not weigh down space, save space. Help to cope with the finishing work quickly and with minimal cost.

Use in the interior of the board, logs, leather for wall covering is not too appropriate. So the city premises will get a ridiculous and overloaded look. Yes, and in the repair of a country house, you can use more rational and low-cost technology. After all, wallpapers with imitation have the following advantages:

  • compared to natural finishes, such wallpapers are inexpensive;
  • This type of wallpaper allows you to create any compositions and combinations;
  • it takes less time and cost to replace materials than to remove masonry or wood;
  • a huge variety of options and shades makes the choice truly rich.

Modern wallpaper with imitation bricks do not require special preparation of the walls to create a trendy loft direction. Trend imitation of a bar easily turns the space into a chalet or country estate. And the imitation of the skin is perfectly combined with glass details and stained glass windows in the embodiment of Art Nouveau style.

If the room requires an imitation of fabric on the walls, it is better to abandon natural materials and apply wallpapering. Because care for them will be a hundred times easier than for a real cloth. In addition, Provence style, which implies the use of fabric texture, can only be enriched by the use of such stylish wallpapers.



Features of finishing materials with imitation

Finishing materials with the texture of wood, brick, stone and plaster are glued to the walls almost as well as simple wallpaper options. If the finishing of a bar takes many weeks and sometimes months, then it is possible to stick wallpaper with imitating properties in a few days.



Changing the interior with wallpaper is much easier than changing a boring design created from stone or tile. At the same time, the wallpapers imitating natural objects are rather durable and wear-resistant. Many of them can be washed. If any part of the wall with wallpaper was damaged, it is easy to restore.



Borders and color transitions from wallpaper with imitation to panels or other materials are not required, but if there is a desire to use these elements during repair, they will be harmoniously combined with any types of wallpaper simulating.



This type of finish often has a tactile texture. Due to it, and achieved a realistic 3D-effect, which makes the materials look like a natural stone or timber.

The design of the home in a natural style is a good way to achieve comfort and peace in your own home. But few people think that the imitation of timber, brick or fabric may be appropriate in the workroom. Making the spa salon wallpaper imitating plaster - it means giving it a luxurious and expensive look. Many variants of imitating wallpaper are used in halls, hotels, sports centers, travel agencies and beauty salons.



When implementing what styles do designers most often use imitating wallpapers? Imitation is applied in the following cases:


The style that has become the hallmark of the modern interior. It always has a brick finish, smooth color transitions and a minimum number of large parts. Wallpapers with imitation brick pattern are best suited for decoration in this style.

The materials used to create a natural interior are well combined with rounded lines, smooth color transitions and clear accents on individual elements. High vases with artificial plants, decorative fountains, plain pillows on the sofas and furniture of pure shades - this is what may be beneficial to emphasize the imitation of natural materials.

Wallpapers with natural imitation appeared on the market for a long time. The first versions of such materials were wallpaper with a pattern under a brick. They made out hallways, verandas and outbuildings. Then this type of finish has undergone quite a lot of changes, and today we can choose wallpapers with imitations of anything, as there are a lot of options and colors.