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Mirror in the living room interior: new ideas (31 photos)


As you know, a mirror is the most expressive object of any interior, but very often this element is ignored as part of the decor. Most people prefer to place this beautiful item in the hallways and bathrooms, and sometimes it occupies only the inner wall of the cupboard.

However, it is mistaken to underestimate the possibilities of such a piece of furniture as a mirror, because in terms of decor, any mirror surface has simply enormous potential. Apply some effort to cut this diamond, and it will immediately become clear to you how much your living room can transform.




From the material you will learn about which mirror in the living room is best to install and why mirrors in the interior of the living room can become an important part of the decor.



Features of space and form

Often mirrors are used in the interior of the living room to visually expand the space, especially in rooms with a small area. Due to their reflectivity, they create additional space that contributes to filling the room with depth and light.






To create a spatial design painting that can breathe life into the interior, it is recommended to use decorative mirrors.



Mirror reflections

If another mirror hangs in front of the mirror located above the sofa, an effect will occur when the mirror surfaces begin to reflect themselves. This will create a cacophony of both aesthetic and psychological nature, therefore it is better to avoid such placement of objects.






Scattering effect

If you want to create diffused lighting in the living room and make the light dim, and the atmosphere is boudoir and cozy, you can use mirrors and light bulbs with low power. Dim lighting will be reflected in the mirror surfaces and fill every corner of the living room. For greater effect, you can use decorative metal plates and silverware, shiny candle holders and glass vases. All of them perfectly cope with the role of reflectors and complement the effect that you create with the help of mirrors in the interior.



Mirror surfaces on the ceiling

Mirror inserts for ceilings are a very common option for interior decor. A room equipped with such a wonderful ceiling turns out to be lighter and more spacious.



Mirror panel

A panel of mirrors looks very interesting - complex compositions composed in a special way from small fragments. The picture of the panel can be strict geometric or chaotic, the composition can be combined mirrors of the same size or different, there are also combinations of mirrors with multi-colored glass. The fragments can be separated with special aluminum inserts or attached to the wall with glue.



Mosaic Mirror

A small mirror in the form of a mosaic can look beautiful in a classic interior or in the living room in modern style. In this case, it will be more of a decor item than a useful accessory, but it will not lose its reflective properties anyway. A room with a mirror will still appear lighter and more spacious.

If you have a small compact living room, in which the wardrobe is also located, it will not be superfluous to fix full-length mirrors on its shutters. The assembled mirror wall will make your room spacious and visually deep, which will undoubtedly affect the general perception. In those rooms where there is no need to worry about square meters, mirrors on the closet can be decorated with patterns and drawings.

A narrow mirror tile, a mosaic or a mirror strip can act as a connecting element of the decor, which occupies the space between the individual joints of two different types of surfaces on a very flat wall, for example, in the case of transition to indoor wallpaper from the plaster itself.