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The painting on the ceiling is the highlight of the whole interior (21 photos)


It seemed that the repair in the apartment was completed, and the desired comfort and coziness should already be felt, but something was picked up. The situation looks banal and ordinary, there is no individuality - a kind of zest, which will be only in your house. Ceiling painting will help breathe life into any interior. It will fill the room with a special meaning and will give such a long-awaited comfort to the owners and guests of the house.



From time immemorial to the modern interior

The beauty of painted ceilings people appreciated several thousand years ago. Suffice it to recall the majestic arches of cathedrals and temples, ceilings in palaces and castles. Painted ceiling trusted only eminent masters. Today, with one look at this magnificence is breathtaking.



Ceiling painting techniques

Rapid technical progress opens wide horizons for painters. The emergence of new colors allowed to experiment with technology and material. But the traditional methods of painting the ceiling and today do not lose their popularity.



Modern technology:

  • Airbrush. The image is applied using a mechanical airbrush. Drawing can be any complexity and size. The result is as realistic as possible with photographic accuracy of image transmission.
  • Acrylic paints. Good solubility in water, non-toxicity, fast drying with subsequent water resistance, the possibility of using inside and outside the premises, a huge palette of colors and shades. The advantages of acrylic paints can not be overestimated. The image on drawing has similarity to oil, but dries much faster.
  • Glowing paint. A vivid example of technical progress. The beautiful image of the day at night gets amazing outlines: the stars light up in the sky and the eyes of fabulous animals glow. Fascinating and original sight.



Ceiling painting for your apartment

For each room there are several simple rules for choosing an image for painting. By sticking to them, you are sure to pick a picture that fits perfectly with the interior.

Living room and dining room

In these rooms, as in any other, art painting of ceilings in classical style will take root. Monumentality and grandeur of images, the breadth of the canvas and the riot of colors will provide your living room with a festive and presentable look.

The ceiling that glows at night is painted with fluorescent and luminous paints. Both of these materials are non-toxic and are charged from natural light for 12 hours. The glow of paint in the dark provides the component phosphor. But the difference between the luminous colors still exist.

The ceiling, painted with luminous or ordinary paint, as a rule, does not require special and complex maintenance. If possible, dust off with a clean cloth. Images glow for several years and more.

If the sunlight in the room is too intense, try to cover the curtains. So you protect the image from possible burning out.