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Bed of illuminated pallets: unusual furniture with their own hands (25 photos)


Pallets, which are usually used to transport building materials, can be a very strong frame structure for the bedroom area. A bed of pallets and self-made lights can allow its owner to save a lot on the purchase of the finished product. In this article we will try to sort out several questions at once:

  1. How to independently design a bed of LED pallets for your bedroom?
  2. Where is the LED tape attached?
  3. How can you create beautiful lighting under the bed?



First of all, it must be said that pallets can be used to make a small or large single bed or a large double bed.

Furniture of this kind is created according to a single principle: pallets are connected in such a way as to create a kind of podium where the mattress can be put.

An illuminated pallet bed can have two main levels or be low, with wheels and legs, and a headboard. However, the main task is to correctly assemble the main frame.

To create the most simple frame, you must have:

  • 3 pallets that are identical in size;
  • Self-tapping screws;
  • Ordinary nails;
  • Sandpaper;
  • Construction drill;
  • Simple screwdriver;
  • Primer;
  • Acrylic paint or varnish;
  • Simple hammer;
  • Roller and brush.



The first step is to rid the pallets of dust and dirt. You can use a broom or a brush as a cleaning tool, a wet rag is also suitable. If cleaning is carried out on the territory of the dacha, then it is first necessary to wash the holes of the pallets with a hose used to water the plants.



To simplify the workflow, you need to use pallets of the same size, which have a decent look. It is important to remember that the lights under the bed or above the bed are made after the installation of the frame.



After drying the pallets, they can be carefully ground. In such a situation, you can use sandpaper. However, it is possible to use a special machine for grinding or a special drill brush. Using tools, the installation process will be much faster. Wood planks must be very carefully treated so that later the surface of the bed does not cause trouble to the owner. You will also need to re-wipe the pallets with a wet cloth.



Then you have to cover the pallets themselves with a special primer. Due to this, the paint or varnish will form on the surface in an even layer. Before the lighting under the bed will be carried out, it is necessary to paint the object. After drying the paint, you can apply a repeated layer. To give color saturation, you can apply a third layer of paint. After the done actions it will be necessary to fasten the main frame.



According to this manual, you can make a large double bed type, which will be six to eight square pallets. You can also reproduce the frame of a great height. In such a situation, pallets will have to be folded in 2-3 rows. Illumination of the bed, headboard, small wheels, special boxes are used as auxiliary construction elements.



Beds with Mattress Box

A bed with a frame made on the basis of single-row pallets can be equipped with a special box that will be adapted for a mattress. You may need from 2 to 4 sites of wood (it all depends on the size). To create a two-pallet box, you will have to turn the pallets themselves, after which you can use a jigsaw for cutting boards located in the central part of each wooden platform, so that the shape of the letter “P” will form around the supports.

  1. The LED cord must be attached to special plugs so that the contacts are in the channels with the wiring.
  2. The free end of the cord itself must be equipped with a protective cap.
  3. After you have to connect the cords and cable.
  4. Next, you need to check whether the backlight is functioning.
  5. Connect the cord to the main network and enjoy excellent lighting.