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Wood decor - aesthetic pleasure (27 photos)


Wood is a grateful material that is easy to process. Decor elements of wood, made in various ways, decorate the interiors of houses and garden areas. Beautiful and original design, made by hand or ordered from professionals, always causes aesthetic pleasure and interest. This can be a wall panel, carved balusters, decor for furniture, garden sculpture or a cozy gazebo on the site.



The decor on the site

Ordinary gardeners and wealthy citizens, each according to their own abilities and abilities, are engaged in decorating their land plots. Garden decor is one of the first places.



Garden decor is diverse and sometimes takes unexpected forms. In the course are any available materials: paint, varnish, eggshell, lids from plastic bottles, broken glass, synthetic cord, in general, anything.

Natural and warm colors of wood perfectly fit into a variety of style solutions for interiors:

  • Classic;
  • Modern;
  • Eclecticism;
  • Ethno;
  • Country music;
  • Scandinavian style;
  • Hi-tech (as paradoxical as it sounds).



In this case, it all depends on the idea, form and processing. The supple texture allows you to create soft lines, bends or strict and avant-garde decoration elements.

The innovative approach of designers to traditional material opens up new and surprising facets of this grateful raw material. What is the combination of transparent resin and fragments of wood trunks, which are connected in avant-garde table tops, while possessing a truly stone strength and resistance to wear. Thanks to this tree they began to decorate the rooms in which there is moisture: the kitchen and the bathroom. And if you add light-accumulating pigments to the polymer resin, these objects will shine in the twilight with any colors, making the interior fantastic.

In the creation of architectural objects and decorative elements on the production of used conditional materials. Bars, boards and logs of good quality and regular shape. Another thing - design ideas and independent works in their own garden estates. In this case, to create artistic works of decorative art, all parts of the plant go into business: roots, hemp, twigs, standing deadwood, fin, bark, saw cuts, old boards;



Depending on the location and destination of objects, different fragments of the tree are used. Old trunks which spent a lot of time in salt and fresh water or boards from old boats are considered to be a special value for designers. This is due to the effect of the liquid on the wood, so that it takes on an aged look and a gray dull shade. Hard fibers are produced, and soft fibers are washed out. This material is used in its original form, does not need to be decorated or is supplemented with metal, polymer resins and plastic.



Wall panels, carved wood decor, on the contrary, require freshness and softness of blanks that are amenable to cutting tools. Perhaps the only thing that unites all methods of processing is the degree of dryness of the material. It is necessary for long service life and safe operation of products. Even grown-up chairs, formed from thin trunks and from tree branches, are thoroughly dried and partially treated before operation to give them a complete and complete look.



Variations on the theme of decorative motifs from wood are plentiful, and modern materials and creative ideas contribute to the emergence of new ones. Coffee tables from huge stumps under glass tabletops or imitation of a pile of flat saw cuts on an entire wall in the room is a sign of current fashionable interiors. Practically for any style you can choose your decor from wood, you only need to wish. The main thing is to take advantage of the possibilities of the material and formulate your desires, and the tree is always ready to reciprocate.