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Decor for furniture: an updated and original interior (24 photos)


Real beauty and elegance are created by carefully thought out and selected details. Decor for furniture can completely change the look and style of the product, transform the interior, filling it with meaning and character. In choosing the right decor, you can show your own imagination or ask for help from experienced designers.



Variety of furniture decor

Technical progress and innovative technologies offer almost unlimited possibilities in design. Modern furniture decor is very diverse in shape, material, method of application and other characteristics. You can easily choose the elements in the desired style and in accordance with financial capabilities.



Nobility and luxury of wood

Simple furniture without elegant finishes can be turned into a work of art. Such a transformation is possible thanks to a special lining of wood. Arches, brackets, sockets, baguettes and many other elements will decorate any furniture.

Basically, wooden decor is performed in a classic style. Elegant weaves, traditional ornaments, sophisticated patterns and lace motifs are ideal for pompous interiors, such as Baroque, Gothic, Greek and Roman styles. Wooden decor in Provence style suggests more concise and simple lines. Perhaps the use of floral and vegetable motifs of simple structure.



All items are made on modern equipment. The machine to the smallest details recreates the idea of ​​the designer. Sanding wooden decor is done manually. Thus, the master brings to perfection every millimeter of the product.

The manufacture of furniture decoration based on rigid polyurethane foams is a completely new direction in the industry. By the appearance of the product can not be distinguished from made of natural wood. Polyurethane decor perfectly imitates furniture carving. The possibilities of modern equipment allow you to create patterns of any complexity and shape. Manufacturers of décor make elements even according to customer sketches.

If the kitchen fronts have lost their rich color, the old chest of drawers does not look presentable at all, and there is a large scratch on the cabinet door, it is not necessary to buy new furniture, paper decor can solve all these problems. He will breathe new life into the already boring interior and skillfully hide all defects.



Paper decoration lends itself to any surface, but the image is better preserved on a flat and firm. Transferring the image to the upholstered furniture is a difficult task, but doable. Paper decor for upholstered furniture requires more time, certain skills and consumables.

There are several paper decorating techniques, but the most common is decoupage. The selected pattern is transferred to the furniture with a brush and glue. It is not very difficult to decorate furniture with your own hands using decoupage technique. The process requires accuracy and slowness in action. The image is smoothed millimeter by millimeter. After complete drying, the surface is covered in several layers with a special protective varnish.



You can pick up a motive for decoupage among paper napkins, favorite pictures, photos and even wallpaper residues. The main thing is that the pattern harmoniously fit into the overall style of the interior. For paper decoration fit furniture in the kitchen, living room and children's room.



Furniture painting

One of the most accessible ways to decorate furniture is art painting. Several bold brush strokes and spring flowers bloom on the dresser, the cabinet door is covered with gilded monograms, and a vine is woven around the mirror frame.

Painting on furniture is always beautiful and exclusive. You are guaranteed to get a unique and one-of-a-kind item.

For those who do not have great artistic talent, you should pay attention to the stencils for furniture decoration. They are made of special material and can be used many times. To transfer the image, you just need to attach the stencil to the decorated surface to make a few brush strokes.



Stencils can be purchased at a specialty store or made yourself. But it is important to bear in mind that a material that is too thin will become unusable very quickly.

If you are unable to get rid of the stain on upholstered furniture, use the method of decorating with a cloth. Showing a little imagination, you can find original and bold solutions. The variety of the world of fabrics makes it easy to pick up the material in color and texture. Want to make bright accents and revive the interior - use contrasting colors and bold shapes. For a calm design decision, stop choosing fabrics of adjacent shades.